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Islam? The True Religion...not in my book!

From the logical guy... Bernie @ Plancks Constant

Islam Scares Us Because it is the True Religion
By Bernie on 07 Oct 2010

In my article If You Knew Islam Like I Know Islam I listed a number of my canned responses to some of the emails and comments that I receive in order to reduce repeating the same answer over and over to my Muslim readers.

Today I am adding a new question and my canned response:
Q: Isn't it true you are afraid of Islam because you believe it is right and truthful?
A: I am afraid of poisonous snakes, not because snakes believe in the One True God, but because I endanger my family if I allow them into my home. And certainly I would be petrified with fear if my neighborhood were filled with thousands of them.
I should mention that I do not hate snakes. I fear them. It should also be mentioned that not all snakes are poisonous, however it is not always easy to tell if a particular snake can kill you. It is just safer not to allow millions of them to come where you live.
I do not write in my blog that one should hate snakes, rather just watch out for them.
But let's ignore the analogy for a moment : Muslims are not snakes, nor are all Muslims terrorists. However, what is right and true is that Muslims who are faithful to the teaching of Islam cannot assimilate, cannot integrate, cannot accept our way of life because the American way of life is Haram, corrupt and decadent.
Normal people do not go to live in countries where the way of life is inimical to their core beliefs. No sane Jew would ever emigrate to Saudi Arabia, assuming the Saudis would even allow him in. No sane Christian would ever emigrate to Somalia where Al-Shabaab, a Muslim terrorist group in control of much of Somalia, has sworn to kill all Christians on sight.
But faithful Muslims come to America, a land where almost every facet of our culture is called evil in the Quran. Yet, instead of accepting this and staying away, Muslims come here with the intention, with the goal of changing our eating habits, making our women dress modestly, forcing us to hide the symbols of Christianity and Judaism, hoping to institute Shariah law, forcing us to recognize their cultural beliefs, striking at companies to accommodate their religion, insulting the memory of those who died at their hands, asking police to arrest anyone who has beliefs different than theirs, and killing their daughters if they become Americanized.
I am not afraid that in all these things Islam is right and truthful - certainly they are not - I am afraid that in all these things I am right and truthful. Very afraid.

I want to point out I have been getting these silly remarks with increasing frequency, for example here are some comments left in my FAQ:
  • Reader William: "So you admit your afraid of islam taking over. You just cant accept islam because it could be right and that scares you."
  • Reader noneofyourbusiness: "Basically, you believe Islam is the right and truthful...that is why you are scared"

I suppose when a Muslim kid is growing up and asks Mom and Dad, "Why are people writing that Muslims have been enslaving, killing and converting hundreds of millions of non-Muslims for 1400 years?" Instead of telling the truth, that we bloggers write these things because they are true, they obfuscate with: "Because infidels are afraid Islam is the only right and true religion." Whatever that means. In response to accusations of savagery, brutality, barbarism, torture, murder, slavery, and forced conversion, Muslims respond with "Nyah, nyah, you're just afraid we're right!" How pathetic.

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Maggie Thornton said...

That is an excellent essay Norm. Dittos to this:

"I am not afraid that in all these things Islam is right and truthful - certainly they are not - I am afraid that in all these things I am right and truthful. Very afraid."