Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Home Of The Brave...yes, it's still here, the last great hope on earth

Hi.  Ye ole Master Sergeant here and I approve of this message.  Every once in awhile there comes into our culture a new sign that there's still hope for the future of America.  With all the Obamanations this country has taken in the last several years one was beginning to wonder if the Founding fathers are indeed turning over in their graves.  Well I'm here to tell ya...the Founders can rest peacfully when you turn up the volume on this latest anthem.  And yes, we can call it an anthem; for it arouses the spirit of patriotism and identifies the movement of the subculture not seen on the front pages or 6 o'clock news.  Thanks Lew for turning me on to this... ~ Norman E. Hooben
us in Myrtle Beach
Special thanks to Angela and Michael Souder

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