Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Comparison Of Leaders...Chile vs Pakistan

Above picture from: Sacramento Bee
The following from: The Nation (a Pakistan publication)

A feat of bravery

A feat of bravery
The manner in which Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera and his Minister for Mining were personally involved in the rescue operation of 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine 2,050 feet below the surface in San Jose gold and copper mine for 69 days, displays the priority that their elected leadership had for the lives of their citizens. Their story of survival and extraordinary rescue operation mounted by government of Chile captured the world’s attention. The last to emerge from the mine was the foremen of 33 miners trapped below. In the final operation, which lasted over 48 hours, the President of Chile and his Minister for Mining were personally present at the scene to welcome each miner as he came out.
Compare this to the apathy of our former President Musharraf who handed over thousands of our citizens to foreign countries for bounty money and was so proud of his shameful act that he mentioned this in his autobiography as a feat. When floods ravaged Pakistan and millions were displaced and thousands died, our elected President embarked on an extended tour of France, UK, Syria etc, without bothering to cut short this trip and be present in Pakistan. As if this was not enough, the PM’s family was busy shopping at London’s Harrod store, totally unbothered about the enormity of tragedy that had struck millions of their unfortunate citizens. This mindset displays the apathy of a nation’s ruling elite and their conscientious disconnect from the people that they rule. Bob Woodard in his recent book has quoted our President of having stated that civilian collateral damage does not bother him. It would be unfair if this sickening disconnect is confined only to the present ruling political party, because the same apathy is displayed by the leading opposition parties and our military-bureaucratic oligarchy.

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