Thursday, September 23, 2010

They say we're morons...maybe we are!

Source: Campaign For Liberty

Breaking News: DISCLOSE Vote Today!
Posted by Tim Shoemaker on 09/22/10 09:42 AM
Last updated 09/23/10 10:22 AM

The Hill reports that Senate Democrats will once again attempt to shove the First Amendment-shredding DISCLOSE Act (a.k.a. The Establishment Protection Act) down our throats.  A top spokesman for Harry Reid, Jim Manley, tweeted this afternoon that the Senate would debate DISCLOSE tomorrow, with a vote likely Thursday. 
At the end of July, the liberty movement was able to hold off DISCLOSE by just one vote!  We knew they would bring it back up in an attempt to catch us off guard.  This is the time for the movement to stand tall in the face of statism and deal this bill a final blow.
For more information on this egregious affront to our personal liberties, visit our past blogs on the topic.  This bill will force non-profits like C4L to turn over a donor list to the federal government and make it publicly available on our website.  This will expose donors to "controversial" issue advocacy organizations to intimidation and harassment (every issue is controversial to someone).  It would force organizations to adopt needless layers of bureaucracy in order to comply with the paperwork and filing deadlines of the new bill.  It will restrict our free speech by placing vague, arbitrary restrictions on the language of our communications (even with our own members).  Additionally, it further blurs the line between issue advocacy and express endorsements of a candidate, leaving the determination up to the federal government.  
C4L's Kevin Brett put together the following video just before the Senate voted in July recapping the House debate and providing some insight into why the Democrats are pushing such legislation now.

Contact your senators today and demand they OPPOSE DISCLOSE!

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