Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Segway Owner In Fatal Accident

Segway Owner Dies In Bizarre Segway Accident
Jimi Heselden, the millionaire owner of the company that makes Segway motorized scooters was found dead in a river. Apparently, he died in an unusual accident while riding one of his own scooters.
The 62 years old man died after he plunged 80 feet over a cliff near his home, while riding a country version of the two-wheeled Segway. The businessman wealth is estimated to be around £166 million, and was found in the River Wharfe at 11:40am on Sunday by a neighbor.
Segway AccidentRight now, police are investigating, although circumstances show us that the lost control of the Segway while he was traveling along a road close to his house near Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. Unfortunately, the narrow pathway used by walkers is littered with tree roots.
The interesting thing is that, the motorized scooter, was found near the body, so this means that he was still riding the machine when he drove over the cliff. Mr Heselden had bought the Segway company in a deal last December and planned to further develop the machine.
Segway Accident

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