Saturday, September 25, 2010

Human Trafficking? I don't know, but definetly illegal!

I don't know who makes up these headlines but the story gives no clue as to the subject "human trafficking".  Does the reporter know something more than, "they say may be part of human trafficking ring."?  Who are they and what is may?  Did the deputies say?
Did the investigaors say, "may be part of..."?  According to the story the investigaors had no clue where the illegals came from or where they were going.  If I were writing the story the headline would be, "Chase Leads Deputies To House Full Of Illegals"...just saying. ~ Norman E. Hooben 

Source: WOAI News

Chase leads deputies to possible human trafficking ring

SAN ANTONIO -- A chase led Bexar County deputies to a home they say may be part of human trafficking ring.

Deputies chased a stolen truck to a home in the 11,000 block of Jarrett Road in Far Southwest Bexar County around 11:00 a.m. Friday. The deputies found 17 illegal immigrants living inside the home in horrible conditions. Investigators believe the illegal immigrants were smuggled here and stayed cramped up inside the small home, sleeping wherever they could find space.

"The living conditions are pretty bad," said Sgt. R. Fletcher of the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. "And we're talking about 15 to 17 people in a 3 bedroom home."

Deputies got word a San Antonio company's F-250 truck was stolen and were tracking it using a GPS system. When officers stormed into the home, several of the immigrants ran out the back door.

"Three individuals that ran alerted us to start foot pursuit," Sgt. Fletcher said.

Even a nextdoor neighbor had no idea what was going on, until he saw men running and the police department's Eagle helicopter flying overhead.

"I just saw a guy running across my property," Benny Tijerina.

Investigators are now trying to find out where the illegals were picked up and where they were headed. They told News 4 WOAI they are questioning the owners of the home, and those owners will likely face charges.

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