Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Few Quickies...football practice from 11 PM to 4 AM to accommodate Muslims? Gimee a break!

Starting with News Busters


CNN Rips 'Incoherent' Obama: Even George W. Bush Had Clearer Message

When the media outlet disaffectionately called the "Clinton News Network" starts ridiculing you to such an extent that you are depicted as a worse communicator than George W. Bush, you know your popularity as a Democrat President is in trouble.
Yet that's what happened Tuesday when CNN published a piece prominently displayed on the front page of its website with the surprising headline:
Critics Say Obama's Message Becoming 'Incoherent' 
For the remaining fans of our 44th President, the article that followed wasn't any better: Story continues here.

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SIOA alert. Here is yet another accommodation, in a disturbingly long list of imposing Islam on our secular society. Michigan high school football team practices from 11PM to 4AM to accommodate Ramadan fasting... Story continues here.


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Today's must-read is Scott Johnson's Ten Theses on Obama's Iftar Speech, in which our president combines offensive attitudes and dishonest rhetorical devices to obnoxious effect: 1. Obama's tone was not one calculated to persuade. He both hectored and belittled those who oppose the GZM. If you respectfully beg to differ with Obama, it is hard to like the persona Obama had on display Friday night.  2. Obama supported the...Story continues here.

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