Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Defeat the American Nation and every other nation will fall into line." - "We will rule the world as been said by the prophet Mohammad."

Special RadarSite Edition

In Memory of Roger W. Gardner
I do not reject peace, but I am afraid of war disguised as peace. Cicero 43 B.C.

Lionheart 4G Warfare - The Ground Zero Mosque: Roger Gardner Tribute

Many of you know Luton, England's Paul Rey, more commonly known on the InterWeb as Lionheart. Paul was persecuted by the Muslims in his hometown not far from London, for speaking out against the outrages in his beloved homeland. He has experienced Islam in a far too personal way. The video is a history of how Islam gains its foothold. It is a raw look at our future. It is a warning we must heed. At the end of the video Lionheart has a short and heartfelt tribute to Roger Gardner, the master blogger at Radarsite who lost his battle with leukemia almost a year ago. Roger was a daily warrior against the Islamification of the United States. He wrote with fierce strokes of his keyboard - an impassioned and public love for our country. His voice was a warning cry. We need it more than ever today.

This video is a fine and sobering work, to be added to the volumes of documentation of Islam produced by Lionheart. If you have a spare minute, go by his blog, Lionheart, browse through the archives where you will find the truth about Islam in Britain, what is coming to America, and leave a message of appreciation.

4G Warfare: Ground Zero Mosque by Lionheart (video)


A moving and thought provoking warning...and going unheeded by the most complacent Amercans in history that if they don't soon wake up America will be history.

I met Roger twice in person...we talked, he played the electric piano, I took pictures, and we talked some more but I really got to know Roger by reading what he wrote...and that he did! One of the most prolific writers with no formal training but could create masterpieces the literary world could envy. I think of Roger often...often enough that like he's still here...I'm currently in Massachusetts and have been here for several weeks and there's not a week that goes by that I don't get the urge to take a drive up to Newburyport...miss you Rog...


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