Saturday, August 7, 2010

Climate Change...Are we even asking the right questions?

Climate Extremes - Argentina Colder than Antarctica - Source Gerry Charlotte Phelps

While Europe, Russia and much of the U.S. are suffering through abnormally hot weather, the southern half of the globe is having unusually cold weather.
The coldest winter in 40 years in Argentina is driving up demand for electricity.  The cold is also causing natural gas shortages severe enough to cause Dow Chemical and producers of steel and aluminum to scale back production.  Shipments of liquefied natural gas are expected to double, while electricity use has soared. 
Temperatures in parts of Argentina fell below those of Antarctica on July 15.  In Mendoza, the wine-producing region in western Argentina, temperatures fell below the temperature registered on July 15 in the Argentine-controlled area of the South Pole, according to a national weather institute report.
What is the explanation for extreme heat and extreme cold on the same globe at the same time - global warming or global cooling?  Or neither?  Both??  Or are we even asking the right climate questions?

The climate change controversy has been going on for many years and this much we do know...
The politic elite that seemingly want to run the world have used climate change as a political tool to convince nations that these changes are anthropogenic and thus can do something about it. To facilitate whatever it is they want to do about it they need funding. When enough people are convinced that the politicians in charge seem to know what they are talking about then the people are willing to give up some of their income (think 'taxes') to prevent these weather related ills from becoming pandemic. Now the politic elite are not necessarily elected officials. They include members of NGO's, private and/or public corporations (think 'TIME') and probably the most successful fear monger of all time, the United Nations (UN). You'll find that many climate change studies are funded by the UN. And all UN studies will have results that further their political interests. Yet none of the UN studies have proven that climate change is caused by man. Oh they'll have all their charts and figures arranged to convinced the easily fooled...which consists of many fools (think maybe it might be you). Remember always that whenever any politician who claims he knows why Mother Nature goes from hot to cold and back again is (number one reason) they're looking for more funding (again, think 'taxes'). And something you should never forget; the UN does not produce revenue, they get all their funding from you and a hundred-ninety-one other countries. ~ Norman E. Hooben

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