Monday, July 12, 2010

I Fought For You...

Note from Storm'n Norm'n
I feel a little guilty to say, "I fought for you."  For one year in a combat zone I was fortunate to have been shot at only twice by an enemy with the accuracy of not being able to hit hit the broadside of a barn...maybe that's a little inaccurate because I could see the tracers at night and the dirt kicking up just yards away.  And then there was the night we were in alert condition one with the warnings coming in over the radio, "Tan Son Nhut, you are in alert condition one, take cover!"  During the repetitive broadcast we could hear the overhead sounds of incoming missiles and surely I thought my time was up only to be relieved that the rockets were duds that landed in the mud without incident.  I don't particularly refer to my time in the war as one of the warriors that defended you as did the combat infantry soldiers and marines for I was in the arena solely as support and with the watchful Eye of the Beholder above I was spared the agony of taking a bullet or spread about the ground by the explosion of a working missile.  So I thank God for the poor marksman and the 'made-in-China' missile but you can thank the soldier or marine that fought for you...this is an unending story. ~ Norm

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