Friday, June 18, 2010

"pick up your burlap to make your slaves' clothes"

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Word of the Day Friday, June 18, 2010
hegira  \he-JAY-ruh\ , noun;

1.  A journey to a more desirable or congenial place.

2.  The flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution a.d. 622: regarded as the beginning of the Muslim Era.
More and more words and symbolism with origins from Islam are creeping into the American culture that if left untended will eventually destroy America.

We must -- absolutely must stop the proliferation of Muslim culture in America. This means curtailing the building of any new mosques, or the forming of any more madrasses. Furthermore, we must either closely monitor all of the Muslim activity in these seditious beehives or, better yet, close them down immediately. Need we point out yet again that Islam is a Political Movement in the guise of a sacred religion. We have already allowed them to infiltrate our vulnerable free society to an alarming degree, and someday if we don't wake up in time we will pay dearly for this gullibility. ~ Roger Gardner 1936-2009 - From The Pakistani Madrasses: Islam's Fortress
So I might add, "We must -- absolutely must stop using Islamic words to describe anything in America.  Islam is our number one enemy and they will do anything to appease the ignorant and fool the easily fooled in order to gain a political foothold in American society... something they have already accomplished by using political tom-foolery to get their man into the White House. As surely as Islam is our greatest threat they have an army of Humanists (Godless people; i.e., the Clintons) supporting their cause. As Ronald Regan once said, "America is the last great hope on earth." I will say in English (as opposed to the Islamic word above...definition 1.) , "If Obama and his army wins this war against America there will be no more desirable or congenial place to journey...the end of America as anybody once knew it will cease to exist and "you can pick up your burlap to make your slaves' clothes." (last quote from article below). ~ Norman E. Hooben

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1.  Its What Muslims Do...its what Obama does best!

2.  Obama's advisor Dalia Mogahed, has provoked controversy ..."a 100 year plan for subverting and overthrowing the West. "

Source for the following:

Barack Hussein Obama: Marxist ideologue or evolving madman?

By Sher Zieve

At their best Marxists are simply individuals who want to be corrupted, rule over others (known as either "the great unwashed masses" or "the proletariat" — same thing) and live "the good life" at the expense of others; that's the rest of us. These people (and I use that word advisedly) steal from and bleed others until; they are almost devoid of funds and life. Note: They cannot completely dry up their serfish golden geese as the ruling class elite need these newly-made serfs to work for them.

The subsequent pillage from the planned and growing underclass goes into the coffers of these ruling Marxists to be used at their leisure and for their largely prurient pleasures. As I have written for well over a decade, Marxism — also known as Fascism, Leninism and any other Totalitarianism — is a feudal system. There is the ruling class and there are "the workers" — no longer called employees. Marxism replaces freedom and liberty with bondage and slavery. It takes everything from those over whom it rules and gives it to the Marxist masters and those whom they believe can and will keep them in power — forever. Under Marxism virtually everyone is for sale. Only their respective prices are negotiated. This is Marxism at its best. But, believe it or not, there is an even much darker side.

The darker side of Marxism and all totalitarian governments is, in reality, the end result of all of these systems — the termination/extermination of human life. Note: This bodes well for the followers of Lucifer (aka Satan) but, not for humans. Remember, Saul Alinsky (one of Obama's mentors) dedicated his anti-human book "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer. And, no. It wasn't a joke on Alinsky's part. From what I can ascertain Alinsky — as all other Marxists/leftists/progressives/liberals (take your pick) — did not have a developed sense of humor. Instead, he (as all other totalitarian would-be rulers) was a decidedly angry man who desired power and control over humans and eventually planned to challenge God Himself. But, Alinsky was, most certainly, not alone in his unending quest and unquenchable thirst for supremacy over humankind — and to eventually raise himself up on the bodies of his victims to become a twisted and maniacal god. It is what the sickest and most perverse of humans have been attempting since the tempting serpent's sojourn into the Garden of Eden.

One prime example of this deformed and merciless behavior was inherent within the Soviet Union tyrant Josef Stalin. Stalin murdered between 7-10 Million people — via a designed starvation plan — in the Ukraine in the 1930s. Note: It was the "patriotic duty" of the Ukrainians — men, women and all infants and other children — to die for "Uncle Joe." During Stalin's 25-year reign of terror, the estimates of his caused human carnage (called "purges") wavered around and about 20 Millions. Stalin viewed humans as nothing more than instruments to serve the State — and him.

China's Mao Zedong was no slouch, either, when it came to exterminating humans. His reign of terror (this title is given to ALL totalitarian rulers — a title they all seem to embrace and take pride in) lasted from 1949-1975. During this period of time, it is estimated that Mao's genocide included at least 40 Million people. Mao affected this genocide to rid himself of all of his opponents. As China is still a patently Communist country and still ruled by iron hands, it appears to have worked.

By comparison, Nazi Germany's Adolph Hitler was a bit of a piker, having murdered — some, including children, in the grossest of ways — only between 6-10 Million people overall.

Many additional tyrants (who should be relegated to the litter boxes of history) can be found in multiple historical accounts. But, each and every one of them transmitted what they were going to do before they did it and each and every one of them promised "change" — but never told the people they would soon rule about that change. The people, however, mesmerized by the words that fell trippingly from the soon to be tyrants' tongues refused to hear what they were really saying. So, like lambs to the slaughter, they elected the horrors to office. This brings us up to current day.

While campaigning for President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama promised "change" and that the change would be "transformational." It is.

1. He is transforming the USA from our former Republic into a Marxist rulership. Power OVER the people

2. He has taken over control of We-the-Peoples' bodies and turned them over to soon-to-be genocidal bureaucracies with ObamaCare. It still has nothing to do with health or care — only the planned deaths of Americans who oppose The Obama. Power OVER the people

3. Amnesty for Illegals is back on the table to replace the American legal votes with those of illegals. Power OVER the people

4. Cap and Trade is back on the table, in order to make it almost impossible for many if not most Americans to afford electricity. Power OVER the people

5. Obama has taken over student college loans to ensure that no one is funded unless he or she bows to The Obama. Power OVER the people

5. He has stolen most of OUR money and is placing it in his and his supporters' pockets. Power OVER the people

There are too many examples of Obama's instilling of power over the people to list in one — or even several — columns. But, one additional example is today's release of Obama's NON Nuclear protection policy. On 6 April 2010 Obama announced that even if the USA is attacked, we will likely not retaliate. In other words, the USA may soon — literally — be toast. Another is even more Orwellian and Luciferian than the rest of the Obama's destruction of the USA and its people.

Almost seeming to try to hide one of the worst examples of the Obama agenda, ALL of the media — including Fox News — has stopped talking about one of the most dangerous of the ObamaCzars. Calling for a "democratic revolution," ObamaCzar and the Czar now in charge of controlling the FCC to ensure all opposition to Obama and free speech ends is Mark Lloyd. Lloyd extolled the use of the Hutu-controlled media to lie about the Rwandan Tutsis so that there would be genocide of the opposition to the Hutu government. In 100 days between 800,000-1 Millions Tutsis were murdered. Lloyd [see below video link] believes this same use of the media should be employed in the USA. Why? To rid Obama of his opposition. Bear in mind, Lloyd's comments were made before Obama was elected. Obama knew who and what he was — and is.

So, Obama is now daily passing (via fiat) new rules and regulations — if not laws — that will destroy the USA and get rid of its pesky people who oppose the dictator. Those who are too indoctrinated, too stupid or too brain dead will never see that which is in front of them. But, those of us who are awake, sober, intelligent and/or finally waking up can see and hear it loudly and clearly. Our country is being murdered in front of our eyes. We must now immediately stop those who are at the viper's head of the destruction and all of those who collaborate with them. If not, pick up your burlap to make your slaves' clothes. That really is all that will be left for you.

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Maggie Thornton said...

Norm, couldn't agree with you more about keeping the culture, and especially the use of "words," because we know "words matter," out of our "lingo."

I spell Koran the way we have always spelled it, Koran, until recently. Just a small example.

Trying to keep mosques out will be quite a task. I hope we can start at Ground Zero, but it looks like we will lose that one too.