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The Final Conflict... Was it the movie or was it her thesis? Only Kagan knows...

By Norman E. Hooben
Kagan's thesis is awash with sympathy for the Socialist Party. At least that's what I got out of her thesis. First off, it was very boring reading so then I just started scanning the pages stopping here and there just to see that she kept to her theme. If one doesn't come away from it with the feeling that the author is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist then I have nothing further to say. But that, she is! No one would write in the style and prose that Kagan uses unless they had a firm grip on the ideology she seems to cherish. So whatever it is that I'm not telling you, you can read Ken Blackwell's essay below for I pretty much fall in line with his findings.
Now the rest of what I have to say may seem a stretch to some however the circumstances may be of some significance once you study other events of the day. Now her title was not just something she cooked up to complete the paper. The Final Conflict has more written over it than meets the eye.
The years leading up to Kagan's scholastic countdown to graduation had a series of motion pictures that aside from their entertainment value were designed to shape the mindsets of those who watched. There is much evidence that this type of brainwashing has come out of Hollywood for some time but I just want to stick to those that I believe Elena Kagan, the moviegoer, attended...even if she did not attend, the mindset would be rampant in the community of her peers and ideologues of the times.
In the mid to late 1970's a triology of movies were produced starting with The Omen, then Damien, Omen II and ending with The Final Conflict which was in the theatres around 1980. So there we have it, The Final Conflict in living color and also in black and white in the pages of Kagan's thesis. Now lets talk about the movie for a moment.
The trailer for the movie is posted below but before you watch it several things you should be thinking about because I want you to compare them to that which is going on today. And to help you with that comparison I've posted an Alex Jones video that should make this connection a slam dunk. I won't get into a lot of detail but if all you do is disregard the color of Damien's skin and think Barack Obama. And when the narrator mentions the word trinity, think Tri-lateral Commission. Then with just a quick glimpse of the cult speech (directed to the disciples of the watch) by Damien, think Bohemian Gardens which you should be familiar with in the Jones video. And remember that the Jones video was made authentic by the imprimatur David Gergen. Watch these two videos back to back a few times and tell me that you don't think Elena Kagan may have connected a few dots to her Final Conflict. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Elena Kagan: Estranged From America

By Ken Blackwell

It was not conservatives who first claimed that Elena Kagan is "estranged from America." Those strong words were used by liberal columnist Peter Beinart. He said in a blog piece posted on the Daily Beast, that "barring the military from campus is a bit like banning the president or even the flag. It's a statement of national estrangement."
Beinart went further. He said it showed "bad judgment." Well, what is it exactly that we want from our judges? Is it not judgment? So now, the Washington Post tells us that there's a "battle to define Kagan." What battle? She's already defined herself. She has always been left and lefter.
Here's a woman who describes her all-American upbringing on the West Side of Manhattan. It's a bluestocking district so liberal no Republican could hope to compete. There, the elections are decided in the Democratic Party primaries -- in September. She cut her political teeth interning for the ultra-liberal Congressman Ted Weiss (D-L-N.Y.) who would go on to demand that President Reagan be impeached. And she campaigned as a teen for the über liberal Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman.
Her Princeton senior thesis was titled ominously "To the Final Conflict," and lamented the failure of socialism in New York City, 1900-1933. She thought socialism's failure "a sad but also a chastening one for those who...still wish to change America."
Young Kagan in 1980 was already estranged from the weak tea Democratic policies of President Jimmy Carter. She was the editorial chairman of the student newspaper, the Daily Princetonian, when it excoriated Carter for reinstituting draft registration. He didn't actually draft anyone, but the mere requirement of 18-year old men to sign up for the military was enough to raise the hackles of Kagan and her early anti-military circle.
Not every outside influence was unwelcome on Princeton's campus in Kagan's time there. She and future New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer signed a manifesto which appeared in the student newspaper. They complained that Princeton's administrators had not consulted them about keeping pornography off campus. Do we have any doubt as to what a progressive view of pornography would be?
Kagan's story of election night, 1980, is revealing. She refers to the defeat of a cluster of liberal U.S. Senators in mournful tones. George McGovern, Frank Church, Birch Bayh, and John Culver all went down to defeat in the wake of Ronald Reagan's landslide victory. The pro-life senators who replaced them were, to young Elena Kagan, beneath contempt. She styled them as "avengers" of "innocent life."
Innocent life? Oh, that would be the millions of unborn children whose lives Kagan would not even recognize as lives. Do we really have any doubts as to what a Justice Kagan would think about the Unborn Victims of Violence Act? Or even the Born Alive Infant Protection Act?
Some lives, of course, deserve more protection than others. Do we have any doubt that Kagan shares the view of this administration that captured terrorists deserve a presumption of innocence? This presumption of innocence would be extended -- being extended even to Khalid Sheikh Muhammed -- the mastermind of 9/11, who has also boasted about beheading Daniel Pearl.
Do we have any doubt where a Justice Kagan would stand on giving Miranda warnings to terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, Farouk Abdulmutallab, as well as American citizens like Nidal Hasan and Faisal Shahzad?
Al Qaeda watches CNN. They know how to use our ACLU-whipped court system against us. As former Vice President Cheney said:
Maybe you've heard that when we captured KSM, he said he would talk as soon as he got to New York City and saw his lawyer. But like many critics of interrogations, he clearly misunderstood the business at hand. American personnel were not there to commence an elaborate legal proceeding, but to extract information from him before al-Qaeda could strike again and kill more of our people.
Do we really want another ACLU-er on the Supreme Court?
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