Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ATTENTION !!! ALL MILITARY RETIREES !!! you gave 100% and now they're reducing your medical by 21%

Reducing military retirement benefits started with the Clinton administration (Clinton hated the military more than anyone that ever held that office) and now the Obama administration plans to reduce benefits further despite promises made earlier...for you see, Obama hates the military more than Clinton ever thought of !!! ~ Norman E. Hooben

From Military.com 

Action Needed to Fix TRICARE

As of April 1, 2010, Medicare and TRICARE payments to physicians were cut by 21 percent. The reduced payment rate may result in fewer doctors being willing to accept TRICARE, which could leave millions of seniors and military beneficiaries without a primary care provider. Organizations like the Military Officers Association of America are urging the Senate to pass H.R. 4851 which would extend the current payment rate until May 1, 2010. The Senate is considering taking action on H.R. 4851 but it is being delayed over technical  budget details.
Let your Senator know how you feel about this situation!

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