Friday, March 12, 2010

Was it the white guy who baked cookies and the black guy who first stepped on the moon? ...or were you watching while they took over your child's mind?

Something to think about...
"The regime also used its new powers to destroy first the parties of its enemies and then those of its friends. The KPD was outlawed right after the Reichstag fire and the SPD followed suit a few months later. The leaders of the free trade unions were also arrested and their organizations forced to form a new, Nazi-controlled organization, the German Work Front (DAF). In the intellectual and artistic realm Nazi terror destroyed almost all aspects of the rich Weimar culture. Goebbels staged a public burning of books by democratic, socialist, and Jewish authors in Berlin. Erich Kästner, an author whose books were given to the flames, watched the scene without being recognized. He commented: First they burn books; next they will burn people. Thousands of intellectuals, including the luminaries of Weimar culture and science, left Germany and emigrated, mostly to the United States." ~ Excerpt from the Third Reich
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The Reagan Textbook Test

There's quite a battle over textbooks in Texas right now, and one historian offers an easy way to tell if your kid's history books are biased:
If you want to know just what your kids are learning from their history books, all you have to do is apply the "Reagan test," says Professor Larry Schweikart.

As the Texas textbook battle continues to simmer, Schweikart says the first thing he does to determine whether a book is politically slanted is to go to any section discussing President Ronald Reagan. What you'll find there, he says, will tell you everything you need to know, he says.

Schweikart says the majority of books he’s examined credit former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev with ending the Cold War, and not Reagan. That's “a joke,” Schweikart says. “I lived through the Reagan years, I remember.”

“The reason why textbooks get to where they are is because this is the world view of (a) the people who write the text books, (b) people who edit the text books, and (c) people who publish them,” the history professor says.

Schweikart says the textbooks' authors bring an inherently liberal viewpoint to their work.

“They all tend to come from New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia,” giving them a “drastically” different viewpoint from the rest of America, he says.
So, what's been happening in the Texas battle? This will give you an idea of what happens to history when liberals control the information:
An unelected review panel, not the elected members of Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), attempted to push through a number of highly questionable changes to the standards – removing Independence Day, Neil Armstrong, Daniel Boone, and Christopher Columbus – from them. They even dumped Christmas and replaced it with Diwali. You can’t make this stuff up! After a huge outcry from citizens and strong leadership by conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education, each of these changes was reversed.

Sadly, the attacks didn’t stop there. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were removed from World History, yet Mary Kay and Wallace Amos (of Famous Amos Cookies) were added, it appears, for more “diversity.” That’s unbelievable. Edison is the greatest inventor in American history with over 1,000 patents; oh, and by the way, that Einstein guy was pretty successful too!

Again, that’s part of why the liberals attack. They don’t like the concept of American exceptionalism, both by those who were born here and by the other great high-skilled men and women who are so attracted to the United States that they moved here from other countries.

Thankfully, the conservatives on the SBOE once again held the line. Edison and Einstein are back in World History. An attack to remove “B.C.” and “A.D.” -- denoting historical time periods before and after the birth of Christ – also lost, and, so far, the attempt to remove the statement about the religious basis of the founding of the country has failed.
History used to be about facts - what happened, who was involved, when did it happen, where did it happen, and to some extent why it happened. Now it's all about "diversity" and making sure every little protected class gets its day in the sun even if it's contribution pales in comparison to that of others. That's how we end up learning about a black guy who bakes cookies but not about the white guy who was the first man to step on the moon.


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