Sunday, March 14, 2010

Genetically Modified's not nice to fool Mother Nature!

After you have watched the video presentation you may want to read the following:
1Dial M For, no, no, not the movie! Monsanto !!!
2Whoever controls your food, controls YOU
3Genetically Modified Food: Pros and Cons
4. GMF ...Genetically Modified Food - Are you swallowing this?
5. Genetically Modified Foods (from Oprah's Website) ...added April 28, 2010
6. Seeds Of Deception a must see video ...added April 28, 2010
7. Seeds To Kill a must read ...added April 28, 2010
8. Supreme Court hears arguments on genetically modified seeds call your Congressman! added April 28

This is presented here for you to educate yourself regarding the food you eat and although I have some expertise in the food industry (over forty years in the food manufacturing industry both in private industry, including as a food industry (Eastern U.S. and Canada) consultant in the early 1990's and as a procurement quality assurance inspector for the government), I do not have a final opinion on genetically modified foods (GMF) ... But it does concern me deeply! it should you.  As you go about studying the various articles and professional papers presented on  GMF's each side of the controversy will present points in their own self interests.  To say that there is a conspiracy surrounding the 'who-controls-the-food-controls-you' theater of operations has plenty of food for thought (pun intended).  And when one is undecided (meaning my final opinion) we usually say, "May the best man win." but in the case of the huge food corporations it looks as though the Jolly Green Giants may have the final word.  I should also point out that the government (FDA) appears to be leaning to, if not, down right approval of those that wish to tamper with Mother Nature...and we all know it's not nice to fool Mother Nature. ~ Norman E. Hooben

PS:  Normally I would suggest that you grab a bag of popcorn and watch the movie but after you see the movie you may want to consult with me first.

Attention People of Canada...   Your mission: Remove the judge(s) that made the ruling depicted in the video.  ...any which way you can! ...although I'm not a proponent of hanging, I could chip in and buy the rope!

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