Friday, March 12, 2010

al-Qaeda's Obsession

Source: BareNakedIslam a must-see video below!

Ex-terrorist confirms that al-Qaeda is still obsessed with destroying the United States

According to one former colleague of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, they don’t care how many innocent civilians are killed.

CBN News recently spoke with former terrorist Noman Benotman in an extensive interview about the inner workings of Al-Qaeda’s leadership.
These days, Benotman lives a quiet life in London with his wife and children. But it wasn’t long ago that Benotman stood face-to-face with Osama bin Laden. “He insists on inflicting pain to his enemies,” Benotman said of bin Laden. “Beyond your imagination. You can’t miss it when you talk with him.” Benotman had spent most of his adult life as an Islamic holy warrior–or mujahideen.
“If any Muslim appears and says ‘Okay, there is no jihad in Islam whatsoever,’ please believe me, he is a liar,said Benotman. “A pure liar. People, they need to face it because it is a serious issue. Jihad, it’s part of Islam because it is something that’s in the Koran. There is more than 40 verses, I think, in the Koran that mention jihad.” Read More: CBN
Interview with Benotman here:

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