Saturday, December 5, 2009

Barney Frank..."Drunk with power!"

Barney Frank Commands Police To Arrest Constituents? source: Sonoran Weekly
Angel Fleming

Angel Fleming

Two concerned citizens from Massachusetts, Shane Hayes and Angel Fleming, traveled to Washington DC to protest the Health care bill and to confront their representatives.

Shane and Angel decided to make a “Blogumentary” about the 5th of November, and this story instantly became a wakeup call to many Americans. This “Blogumentary” can be viewed at:

While Fleming and Hayes intended to capture “history-in-the-making” that fateful day in front of the steps of Congress, they walked away with much more. In the aforementioned link, Ms Fleming and Mr. Hayes provide a story no one else could. You see, Ms Fleming’s representative is the one and only Barney Frank.

While thousands of people ran through the halls of Congress seeking their elected officials, Ms Fleming was the ONLY ONE who was from Barney Frank’s district. She, therefore, was able to not only sit down with him behind closed doors, but she challenged him on the Constitution in ways no one else ever has.

November 5th Washington DC

November 5th Washington DC

Barney Frank quickly grew very argumentative with Ms Fleming at first and challenged her in her support of democracy; Ms Fleming interrupted him and fired back with “Sir, we do not have a democracy; we have a REPUBLIC and our founding fathers warned against the dangers of democracy. Democracy leads to partisan politics and what eventually happens is there becomes a ruling party to control all branches of our government-one branch kowtows to the next and that is an OLIGARCHY which is COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!”

Mr. Frank went cross-eyed at the word “oligarchy” and decided to ignore Ms Fleming by pretending to read a newspaper. Ms Fleming then went on to call Frank “drunk with power”. She told him he’d been in office too long; he doesn’t even know what his job description is. She told him to stop acting childish and listen to her…

When Frank got bored with the “I’m not hearing you” game, he ordered a Capitol Police officer to arrest her. The “Blogumentary” also covers Ms Fleming’s detainment with the officer. Shane Hayes managed to get secret video of the exchange with the police, exposing not only the cop’s honest surprise that ANYONE got in to see Frank, but the cop changed his mind in arresting Ms Fleming when she demanded to know what law she was breaking. The cop said that he’s not sure what he could have “gotten her on” but “that’s what they have lawyers for.” He pretty much admitted the capitol police that day were looking to “cuff and stuff” these peaceful protesting citizens on PUBLIC PROPERTY and sort it out later legally. You can view this exchange below.

This story has become quite an exposé of the “goings on” in DC and people have responded overwhelmingly to Fleming and Hayes’ little blogging venture. We feel this story should have national exposure in order to reach more citizens who maybe haven’t quite realized just how bad our politicians have become. They’re elite and arrogant and truly think they’re better than us. We can sum this up in the moment Ms Fleming was being forcibly removed from Frank’s office, Barney Frank yelled to her as she was just out of his door “Good riddance, bigot!”

Please take a moment to view the “Blogumentary” and see if we can get the word out on this. Ms Fleming has vowed that she will do everything within her power to remove this hack from office.

Shane Hayes

Angel Fleming
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Rightwing Cowboy said...

Yep, looks like Nancy wasn't the only one stepping on constituents rights. Ya know I like what Thomas Jefferson hand Patrick Henry had to say about politics and the Constitution. I won't elaborate on the quotes since Barney might .... aw what the hell ... “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson. Now that one is very interesting. I wonder just what Mr. Blarney Frank has for a security detail.
Another interesting quote: "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." – Patrick Henry. Just how long will this go one before these self ordained "saviors" come under a real gun for their antics of destroying our country.

redhawk said...

Poor lady Barney,,, Not only is it aposter Child for the audacity of being a total CRETIN.. but may be AIDS is alive and well in this Idiot!!!