Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Storm'n Norm'n Last Warning

You may have avoided me for all my crazy warnings but you know I'm not crazy...it's your own complacency that you will not admit to and as much as you may not like it, friend, family or foe, I blame you directly for allowing this to happen...or what is about to happen. Especially friend or family! You could have stopped this dead in it's tracks when I first warned you years ago, but no, you decided to believe a stranger more so than your friend. Some former friends have become staunch Marxists unknowingly through their associations over an extended period of time and so be it, they have drawn a line in the sand. For where do you think all this is going? It's going, it's going...your country is almost gone! And if you still don't care you will be on the other side of that line from me. For I will live, I will fight, I will die, for God and Country...in that order and no one will stand in my way! Remember this as we move closer to the end...you must not identify yourself as a member of either of the two major political parties, Democrat or Republican...they have lied to you and lied about each other all the while they were conspiring to do away with our freedom. I have burnt many a midnight oil to come up with my decisions... studied thousands of documents...and I will not let over a thousand hours of study be reduced to zero simply because of your complacency or some unfounded affliction to your party (you should have thought more about being an American than a Democrat or Republican). Have faith in me...your friend or place your tail between your legs and scamper like the coward you may be...and don't come crying to me and say I didn't tell you so. Now for one last warning from Lord Christopher Monckton (see video below). ~ Norman E. Hooben

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