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Dear Anonymous, Does this report the story? and When They Want You Dead They Mean It

In a previous earlier post "The Other War...Just because you live north of Oklahoma don't think this will not affect you. "

Anonymous said...

You fail to mention the role of the military in these kidnappings and deaths. This is not simply the handiwork of the drug cartels - the Mexican military is responsible for much of this carnage but few people realize it because the reports mainly focus on and implicate the cartels. There is a story here NOT being told and it involves the Mexican military but too many of us are silent about it. In Cuidad Juarez for example, the military is heavily implicated in death squads and kidnappings. Please report this story as it truly is unfolding.

OK...Is this (see below) what I see unfolding? (I don't know where you've been all this time but I saw this happening over forty years ago...not just unfolding! Yeaaaaaaaaaah, maybe a little more violent now, but definetly not unfolding) Lets face it, Mexico is corrupt from the inside out! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Mexican Army cracks down on corrupt police

Americas News

Jun 12, 2009, 6:18 GMT

Mexico City - The Mexican Army, put in charge of fighting the rising tide of drug crime, has seized the weapons of police officers accused of corruption in the cities of Monterrey, Nicolas and Escobedo.

Parts of the police force in Mexico are believed to be infiltrated by drug gangs.

Supported by federal police, the soldiers seized the weapons of 2,700 police officers, local media reported Thursday. The mayors of the affected cities had approved of the drastic measure, said Aldo Fasci, minister for internal security of the state of Nuevo Leon.

The measures were triggered by police protests on Tuesday aimed against the army and federal police, in which the police blocked two important roads.

Eighty police officers had been arrested earlier on suspicion of cooperating with drug gangs.

Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen shot and killed five guests at a hotel in the northern city of Ciudad Juarez. The victims were killed in their sleep, reports said. One woman survived the attack with serious injuries and was in intensive care. The motive of the killings remained unclear.

More than 6,000 people were killed in Mexican drug violence in 2008, and 2,500 people died in drug-related killings this year.

Then we have...
More police fired and murdered

In Baja California, eight Mexicali police officers and an official of the state public prosecutor’s office were fired “for carrying out their duties without probity and without honesty.” In Iguala, state of Guerrero, two state police officers were found shot to death inside the regional police facility.

In the towns of Emiliano Zapata and Tenosique, state of Tabasco, four “narcopolicemen” were under preliminary detention due to their links with organized crime. Of the four, two were chiefs of police and one other a deputy chief.

And that's just the Mexican Police!
And now for the Corrupt Mexican Army and Police (from LinkNZona)

Corrupt Mexican Army and Police Cannot Slow Violence in Mexico

With much fanfare, the government of Mexico sent approximately 10,000 soldiers and police to Ciudad Juarez (across the border from El Paso, TX) to get control of the narco-violence there. The government criminals and the drug cartel criminals are all too often the same. Here is more evidence that Mexico is a failed state source

Excelsior (Mexico City) 4/30/09

* (Last April 20 we reported on the death of eight Mex. federal agents, mostly “AFI” (Mex. equiv. to FBI), during an attack and failed attempt by thugs to rescue Geronimo Gamez, a Gulf Cartel finance head, who was being transported to prison at Tepic, Nayarit)
A Mexican federal judge has now ordered twelve “AFI” agents to be placed into temporary, 40-day detention; the twelve are under investigation for their possible connection with the failed attempt to liberate Geronimo Gamez.

More Violence... from The M3 Report

El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila) 10/5/09

When They Want You Dead They Mean It

This past Saturday three men were admitted to a hospital in Villa Union, Durango, after they were shot while in a vehicle. A while later, four men armed with assault rifles burst into the hospital and shot and killed all three of the wounded.

They really mean it! ...eight times?

And this morning (Mon.), a 27 year veteran of the city of Saltillo “Investigative Police”, Commander Pedro Ojeda, was hit with gunfire eight times and died as he returned home after dropping his children off at school. His killers had been waiting for him and fled after the murder.

First it was the corrupt Mexican Police then we have the corrupt Mexican Army...check out this headline:
Dear Anonymous,
Does this report the story?

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