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America Under Attack...and that's the way it is, Friday, April the 8th 2009

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Political Terrorist Attack On America

For nearly three decades, America and America’s interests abroad have been under attack from radical elements of extremist Islam, culminating in the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001 and 3,000 innocent people being murdered.

Each successive attack often came without warning; catching the victims off guard and causing much damage and lives, in spite of our best efforts at gathering intelligence on this band of radicals.

For an even longer time, America has been under assault by another group of radicals who desire to eliminate our freedoms and liberties and replace them with government control and restrictions. Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness to them mean what they deem necessary or worthy for the American citizenry.

Much less bloody that radical Jihadists, this group of terrorists is no less brutal or controlling of those they seek to overpower and dominate. They do not follow any Holy Book but instead follow another book they hold in reverence, the writings of Karl Marx, a 19th century socialist philosopher and as considered by many, the father of modern communism.

The only problem for this Domestic Political Terrorist group has been the American people and the Republican Party, who will not knuckle under to them and who continues to stand up to them, for the most part. Seeing the power of this Political Terrorist group increasing, many within the Republican Party abandoned the base and “crossed the aisle” to join forces with the Terrorists on the other side as they trumped up accusations and vitriol against a Republican President they made unpopular by their incessant assault upon him, his character, his family and his ability to lead us through the worst radical terrorist attack ever upon our soil.

Yes, I am speaking of today’s Democratic Party, the party of attacks. The party of big government. The party of ever increasing taxes. The party of hate and discontent. The party of class warfare. The party of socialism and eventually, communism.

Television shows began broadcasting the left’s message almost from the time TV’s popularity began. The movie industry also released movies showing how great and grand socialism was and actually disparaging the very people who have defended America, Veterans.

Losing control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, 1994 came as a shock to them. The narrow victory of President Bush in 2000 sent them over the edge and set off their all out assault on America and the Republican Party as they cannot fathom that many people simply don’t agree with their views of government control.

Through an unprecedented campaign of vitriol and usurpation of a sitting president and members of his party, helped greatly by spineless members of the Republican Party, total control of the government was once again seized by 2008. Instead of ending the assault this only gave them cause to increase the attacks and prevarications leveled.

We now see government under the Democrats deciding who will run private corporations and what products they will manufacture. We see banks coming more under government control as they too are directed by government as to what their practices may be.

Advertisements are released, as this one against the Republicans over Credit Card Companies. They tell us how the Republicans are blocking reining in the Credit Card Companies and many people fall for it.

What they don’t tell you is that in 2008, Credit Companies donated to Democrats over Republicans by a 56% to 44% margin.

The Democrats also don’t tell you that this legislation passed in the House 357-70 and that Democrats hold a great majority in the Senate, guaranteeing passage with their near filibuster proof majority.

They also don’t tell you that even once this measure passes and these so-called restrictions are placed on consumers, easy credit may begin drying up, but card holders will still end up head over heels in debt to the credit card companies, contributing to economic troubles still seen.

Could we expect anything else from those who think borrowing trillions of dollars from foreign nations will get us out of debt to them?

Aided by groups such as, Socialist Democrats are attempting to steamroll a bill they refer to as “Universal Healthcare,” scaring citizens into believing they receive no medical care under Republican administrations, but will under the Democrats.

Again, the truth of their intent is hidden in the vitriolic assault upon any who disagree with the political terrorists.

Political Terrorists have spared no effort at the ‘Greening of America,’ a thinly disguised effort at Socialistic control.

This terrorist attack on America is seen no clearer than the attacks on Rush Limbaugh and on Miss America runner-up, Carrie Prejean. Their only crime being thinking outside the groupthink and publicly expressing their thoughts.

In the case of Carrie Prejean, the assault upon her is due to answering a question on same-sex marriage in an honest way and stating she feels marriage should be between a man and a woman.

In return, she is referred to as a bitch, homophobic, assaulted over breast implants and wearing a bikini and now, even her parents divorce when she was a small child is drug into the fray. Free thought and expression is stifled in communist countries and as seen with Ms. Prejean, no longer tolerated in America under these Political Terrorists.

The Christian God is ridiculed and forced into hiding by these Political Terrorists as they impose their secularism on schools and the public sector, yet they also declare Islam Day.

Don’t mistake this for me condemning all of Islam, as I do not. Mainstream Islam is not the ones responsible for the terrorist attacks around the globe, but a small minority from the fringe takes that responsibility.

But, were is a ‘Christian Day,’ or even a ‘Judaism Day?’ Why only Islam? Do they not realize that Islam is even more critical of homosexuality than are Christians?

Political Terrorists seek only power with little regard for individual freedom and liberty, the cornerstone of America’s success and creation. They desire us to be their servants as they dole out what they say we may have, as seen in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and which brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and East Germany, where the public had little, but the government had all.

Radical Jihadists attack to strike terror in the hearts of people and be able to impose radical views of Islam on all.

Political Terrorists strike terror in the hearts of American citizens to grab total and unrelenting power over the once free nation.

Unless you stand up, you will be witnessing the unprecedented destruction of the last vestige of freedom and liberty for mankind. America has been a beacon of hope for the world. The “Hope and Change” offered by the Political Terrorists is anything but.

Our Military can and will fight the radical Jihadists, but only we can fight the Political Terrorists. Ignore the premature cries of the Death of the Republican Party. Conservatives, you have become disillusioned with GOP leadership, but come back and take your stand to reclaim the Republican Party. That will be easier then building a new party while the Political Terrorists reform America into a Communist Nation.

We are the party, not the moderates and liberals who got into power. We can effect the needed change and defeat the Political Terrorists, including those who sit under the GOP flag.

Every generation has stood to fight for our freedom and liberty. We must continue that fight and defeat the Domestic Political Terrorists that currently have a strangle hold on America.

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