Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Informing and alerting the American people." per order of President John F.Kennedy

Many have been skeptical of me for so many years...and so be it! For I have known about these things for a very long time...I've witnessed the things that I have talked about...I've studied thousands of pages and many books...and the list goes on. I know why President John F. Kennedy was killed and I'm quite sure I know why his killer was killed, and why the killer of the killer died so mysteriously in the hospital... And you're still skeptical! And I'm still sending you warning after warning...just hoping you will wake up! You don't even remember me saying that famous quote, "From Cassandra to Jesus Christ, it is amazing how often the doomed choose to ignore those who warn them of their coming fate." "...warn them of their current fate." Did you read those words again...and again? Your coming fate is about to hit you broadside! Yet the doomed (you) choose to ignore those who warn...(me)
I'm not the only one warning you of your coming fate. Others before me tried to warn you and you didn't listen then...not even to President John F. Kennedy! He tried to warn you and look what fate had in store for him. And if America does not rise to the occassion, I fully expect to meet the same fate as JFK, simply because I'm warning you. Here, listen to JFK speak of the very dangers I've told you about for the last several years. - Norman E. Hooben

ps: You should watch this video no less than ten times...until it sinks in! or until Google decides to remove it.

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Anonymous said...

TRansparency Oblahblah style.. Send JOE GAS BAG to the AFLCIO " secret Meeting" in order to Complete the SELL OUT to the Unions .. OR was the REal reason to keep the press from discovering another Joe Da Gas Bag GAFFE???
Now that is a Question...