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"...the Republican party stands for nothing, while the Democrat party stands solidly for Marxist socialism."

The Senate Mentality of John McCain
by JR Dieckmann
John McCain just doesn’t seem to get it. Barack Obama is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Democrat party. McCain is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Senate, and he is campaigning for president with a Senate mentality.

Senators are team players; they are not leaders. The team consists of not just their own political party, but rather it is the entire senate. When one side wants to go left, and the other side wants to go right, what do they do? They compromise. They end up going nowhere, but don’t hesitate to bestow accolades and praise upon each other for their great accomplishment in producing “bipartisan” legislation that does absolutely nothing for the American people. This has been the history of the U.S. Senate ever since George W. Bush was elected president and assumed office in 2001.

For example, last week Senator McCain pledged that if elected president, he would work closely with Nancy Pelosi whom he characterized as an “effective leader” and an “inspiration to millions of Americans.” Perhaps this is the way McCain sees Pelosi, but coming from a Republican presidential candidate who should be opposed to everything Pelosi has tried to do in the House, this is absurd! But then McCain is known for frequently praising Democrats with rarely a positive word for Republicans.

In an
interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, McCain then went on to say: “We talk about Senator Clinton and her inspiration to millions of Americans. Speaker Pelosi has been an inspiration as well, in a role that is in many ways more powerful than the president.” That assertion would no doubt become obvious with McCain in the White House. He then bestowed praise upon Al Gore for his for his advocacy on global warming.

Gore recently asserted that the U.S. could get its energy solely from renewable sources in 10 years. McCain commented: “If the vice president says it's doable, I believe it's doable." Has McCain forgotten that “the vice president” is Dick Cheney? In a later interview, Mr. McCain said he hadn't read "all the specifics" of the Gore plan, and now states, “I don't think it's doable without nuclear power.” I wonder who told him to say that?

In an ABC News blog entitled
McCain‘s New Strategy,” Jan Crawford Greenburg reports: "There is significant support among top McCain advisers that he make a 'transformative' pick who would change the Republican Party -- someone who would appeal to moderate Republicans and Democrats. This pick would be someone who, like McCain, has taken the unpopular stands, made the hard calls and stood firm on principle. A person who fills that bill, these advisers say, is Joe Lieberman."

Which prompted Rush Limbaugh to wonder if Republicans really want to win this election. “…You know something, the Republicans don't want to win this election! They don't. McCain may want to win, but these people around him that are giving him this advice, they must not want to win this election.” I disagree. The Republican leadership and the McCain campaign wants to win this election. They want to win it as Democrats.

In an article entitled
Is John McCain Stupid?, Daniel Henninger reminds us of why only two senators have ever been elected to the presidency: “There is a reason the American people the past 100 years elevated only two sitting senators into the White House -- JFK and Warren Harding. It's because they believe most senators, adept at compulsive compromise, have no political compass and will sell them out.”

McCain isn’t waiting to be elected president. He’s already selling out the American people and especially the Republican conservative base. In 2000, conservatives weren’t all that excited about George W. Bush, but he made more sense than his opponent, Al Gore. In 2004, most Americans were favorably impressed with how Bush had handled the response to the 9-11 attacks and rejected John Kerry’s phony platform that he was “reporting for duty.”

Now, John McCain is facing off with Barack Obama who is nothing but a half black John Kerry, but without the “reporting for duty.” In spite of the fact that Obama fails to pass the
John Kerry Test,” he has continued to lead McCain in the polls, until now, thus demonstrating the dissatisfaction mainstream Republicans have with the trend of their party to move to the left and abandon conservative principles.

The latest Gallup Poll shows both candidates tied at 44 - 44. It’s not because McCain is coming up in the polls, it’s because Obama is falling, as more people begin to understand what this charlatan is really all about. His European publicity stunt has backfired on him, as has his shunning of the troops overseas in favor of playing basketball and doing photo ops.

Frank Salvato reminds Obama that “
Hillary only suspended her campaign." Someone needs to remind McCain that Mitt Romney also “only suspended his campaign.” Romney was never my first choice, but after seeing how stupidly John McCain is campaigning, we can only hope for a comeback of Romney before, or during the Republican National Convention.

McCain's Senate mentality will be a disaster in the White House, almost as bad as Barack Obama's Marxist socialist mentality. While Obama is now moving toward the center as he goes into the general election campaign, McCain started out in the center and is now moving further into liberal left territory. In doing so, he has abandoned the Republican conservative base, just as they will abandon McCain in the November election. McCain, who claims to be an “environmentalist,” had no choice but to reverse his position recently on offshore drilling due to public pressure. At least he beat Obama to the punch on that issue.

Today, most conservatives feel that they have no candidate, or representation in this current election. They are right. The Republican party leadership no longer believes in conservative principles. Their current motivation is simply to gain political power by trying to appeal to as many voters as possible. They pander to everyone, and stand for nothing anymore. This makes John McCain their perfect candidate, who also stands for nothing other than compromise with the left.
We need a president who can stand on his own leadership principles and make decisions based on his own moral and political compass. The last thing we need is a president who makes decisions based on the Senate mentality of consensus and compromise. This is not leadership; it is mental weakness, and it would be insanity in the White House.

What direction will the country be dragged in when a “centrist” president feels he must compromise with the far left? McCain represents a mentality that the country simply cannot afford, in a time when the enemy of America is both foreign and domestic.

Unless Republicans can find a way to replace McCain as the Republican candidate either before, or during, the Republican National Convention in September, then it’s going to make little difference who wins the November election. Either candidate will be a disaster for the country, in spite of their differences - McCain, just less of a disaster than Obama, who would leave the country unrecognizable.
Does anyone really believe that McCain would appoint constructionist judges? Remember what slipped out during his debate with Mitt Romney: “I’m a liberal conservative… uhh, a conservative Republican.” McCain’s claims of conservatism were as credible as John Kerry’s claims of being a war hero. McCain is a Democrat at heart and always has been. Instead of Obama, McCain would be the ideal candidate on the Democrat ticket. As a Democrat, he would be considered a moderate, slightly to the left of Joe Lieberman.

Perhaps instead of Daniel Henninger asking if John McCain is stupid, he should be asking - Is the Republican Party stupid? The answer to that is maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on what your priorities are. If your priorities are simply to win elections for the sake of political power, and without directional principles, then the answer may be “no.” If your priorities are to lead the country with solid American principles and a defined moral compass, then the answer has to be yes! The Republican party absolutely is stupid.

A political party that stands for nothing cannot survive for long. Today, the Republican party stands for nothing, while the Democrat party stands solidly for Marxist socialism. This is the direction the country will go in if the Republican party does not get back to its founding principles and conservative political compass.

The Republican party must stop allowing the left to drag them into oblivion. The Republican party must return to its conservative roots and stand up for what is right, or surrender their base members to a more conservative political party which places traditional American principles and values above political power.
The first step in preserving the Republican party as a viable political party would be to replace McCain as the 2008 presidential candidate. Then replace the Republican leadership with conservatives who know what Republicans are supposed to stand for. If they do that, then the Republican party may still be around in 2012 and 2016.

Enough is enough. “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” It’s time for change. It’s time for a change in the Republican party leadership, before the whole country is driven into socialism by the Democrats. It’s time for real leadership in the Republican party, not the Senate compromise mentality of John McCain which has become the platform of today’s Republican party.

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YECHHHH!!What a crazy year this has gotten to be!! He Better Get a serious VP choice to bail him out!!!
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