Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Open Letter To Lourdes Galvin

Letter follows Express News Article

Hispanic vets monument planned
Web Posted: 07/03/2008 11:14 PM CDT
Jeorge Zarazua

On the eve of today's Independence Day celebrations, community leaders gathered Thursday at Elmendorf Lake Park to unveil plans for a 130-foot-tall monument honoring Hispanic veterans.
“I could not think of a better location for this monument as we stand here today in the heart of the West Side, where many of our brave soldiers were born and raised,” said District 5 Councilwoman Lourdes Galvan in announcing what's billed as the state's first Hispanic Veterans Memorial.
“This monument will stand as a humble token of our appreciation and recognition for those who have been forgotten in our history books. We want to make sure we remember them.”
Galvan, with the help of state Rep. Joaquin Castro and numerous veterans groups, asked the public for help in raising both awareness of the proposed monument and the funds needed to build it.
“I welcome anyone that is interested in being part of a committee to see this project to fruition,” Galvan said. “It will take a while, but it can be done and will be done.”
Galvan said that although there are no exact figures, the estimated cost of the steel monument will be more than $1 million.
A small wooden model and an artist's rendition were on display at Thursday's event.
Sylvia Sanchez, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars District 20, said Hispanics have always played, and will continue to play, an important role in the nation's military.
She said the country has 39 Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients, including three from San Antonio.
“This memorial will serve to tell all who visit of the dedication, loyalty and sacrifice made by the Hispanic men and women who serve,” Sanchez said.
Castro said the monument was “overdue.”
“Our neighborhood has given so much that this memorial is fitting,” he said.
Working on the monument will be local artist Jesse Treviño and noted architect Gabriel Velasquez.
Treviño said highlights of the monument include a collection of military dog tags hanging down its center, along with an image of the Virgin Mary on top.
Galvan said the first major fundraiser benefiting the memorial will be a concert Oct. 4 at Guadalupe Plaza featuring various musicians.
An Open Letter To Lourdes Galvin
The proposed monument honoring Hispanic veterans is a catalyst that promotes divisiveness instead of unity. It insults the integrity and spirit of our American heroes. They are not Hispanic veterans they are Americans…and the sooner you empty your racist heart of the vitriol it promotes, the sooner our country will be united. It is after all, the United States and not the Hispanic States. As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas once said, “I believe in a color blind Constitution.” You would serve a better cause if you heeded those words.
I don’t go running around shouting, “I’m half French.” or “I’m half Irish.” nor do I go around saying, “My children are half-Mexican.” or “Half Hispanic.” In fact none of the above enters my color blind brain because my heart and soul are all American.
Our history books have not forgotten our heroes; it the politicians and political activists who have degenerated them into something they’re not. Either they are American heroes who fought for our freedoms or they are foreigners who gave their assistance to the American cause.
If for one second you think you should get taxpayer funding for your foreigner’s monument, then may I suggest you go to Mexico and put in your request for Pesos…just leave my wallet alone.  ~ Norman E. Hooben


LewWaters said...

Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, even Muslim, we served together, fought together, died together, as brothers caring for each other and watching each others back.

To separate these brave Troops now is just wrong.

Veterans are Veterans, no need to segregate us by skin color, ethnicity or such. The Viet Nam Veterans Wall contains the names of all who paid the ultimate sacrifice, with no regard for race or ethnicity, as it should be.

Brave Soldiers who fought shoulder to shoulder deserve to be remembered together, not segregated in death as they were not in battle.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Great commentary Lew! That's exactly right...we don't call ourselves, "Anglo Vietnam vets" and I never met an "Hispanic Vietnam vet" We are all simply "Vietnam Vets" only a racist would add the ethnic vet.

Lourdes Galvan must not sleep well knowing she's only a hyphenated person rather than a full blooded American.

Anonymous said...

Some Pol's are stupid, and some are just too dumb to pound mud. This guy is both.

LewWaters said...

Norm, people that feel they must hyphenate themselves only hurt themselves. Our forefathers came here to escape the very systems that so many "hyphenated" people desire to embrace.

As I see it, we are AMERICANS, and it doesn't matter what heritage we may have come from.

In Viet Nam, we didn't worry about someone's bloodline, just that we watched out for each other.

To me, it is utterly ridiculous that, after fighting so hard to desegregate the Military, some now desire to segregate Brave Americans in death, Brave Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, not for hyphenation, but for America, regardless of bloodline.

Sad that we have devolved to the point that Brave Americas should be segregated in death when we were not in battle.

Anonymous said...

At this rate we are abput th have monuments to every single Nationality that arrived to these shores to Become Americans Exept monuments to AMERICANS..
What the Hell is going on, this is America Not Black america, Not Hispanic Ameroca, Not Italian America, not German America, nor Kenyan, Cambodian < irianian, Iraqui, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish and innumerable other AMERICAS.. It Is the ONE AND ONLY AMERICA. And as long as we have idiots promoting Divisivness the Chasms will widen and not Unify!!!