Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quote of the day...

British troops in southern Afghanistan have “worn down” the Taliban and forced them to abandon many of their key strongholds in Helmand province, a senior commander said yesterday.

Brigadier Andrew Mackay, commander of 52 Brigade, said: “The Taliban are now suffering from a lack of manpower and that is why they are having to rely on foreign fighters. They are also now operating outside their normal areas because they lack support from the local populations.”

"Suffering from a lack of manpower” means they’re all dead."

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redhawkk said...

Strange how Quiet MSM , Pmsnbc especially that OLD DUMBERRMAN have been regarding Both the Taliban in AFGH and AQ in Iraq getting Decimated by the hour... The Morons are too busy getting " giddy" over the New American Hitler and his Clueless wife Mickey!... And they call themselves Journalits.. Imagine that!!!