Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Open Letter To "da judge" !

Ref Editorial San Antonio Express-News: Wolff wants to fight federal border fence

To: Your Not-So-Honorable Judge Wolff,

Your current stance on the issue of border security is obviously not a good sign…neither for you or the direction America is headed. We have laws in this country and you above all others should be on display as a beacon of enforcement rather than a dissenter and violator.

The editorial in the Express-News indicates that Homeland Security violated numerous laws regarding the fence issue. So what the not-so-honorable judge is saying it’s OK for illegal aliens to violate numerous laws and whatever means it takes to restrain the illegal is therefore a violation. Sort of a double standard don’t you think. No, I don’t think you think!

The article goes on to say that the fence would disrupt commerce…creating economic hardships whose ripple would be felt in San Antonio. Huh? Is this some kind of joke your dis-honor? I live almost one-thousand miles away from San Antonio and I have felt the economic hardships that rippled in with all those illegal aliens. The entire country has felt the economic hardships from the ripple! You don’t have to go to California to see the enormity of the medical and educational economic hardships to the American taxpayers, just look downtown San Antonio and tell your constituents to keep right on paying through the nose for all those lawbreakers.

I further quote, “And as the border communities suffer, other communities will suffer, discouraging Mexican investment in cities such as San Antonio. Wolff said”

As for Mexican investment in San Antonio, they’re already overly invested in San Antonio! They need to invest in Mexico! The entire statement is obnoxious! “…other communities will suffer…”, hey wake up judge! Almost all American communities are already suffering from the influx of your law-breakers.


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT letter to this so-called judge. He deserves every word written here. Thank you Norm.

redhawk said...

Have DA Judge and Companion Idiots gone off their miniscule minds? I remamber that Days when we lived in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave when Morons such as these would be spending time in a padded cell in claen white straight jackets....