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Barack Obama Plays The Bigot...

Hillary Camp: Obama Plays Gay Bigot Card

From her campaign’s ‘war room,’ Hillary Is 44:

Barack Obama Plays The Bigot Card; Hillary Clinton Fights For Rights

February 29, 2008

Barack Obama played the Bigot card this past Fall. Without shame or conscience Obama sought to divide staunch Democratic African-American voters from staunch Democratic Gay American voters. Like George Bush, the other “uniter not divider”, Obama proved himself unfit to be president.

Young voters, strong supporters of gay rights, should be especially repulsed by Barack Obama.

Voters in Austin and Houston, Texas must be made aware of Barack Obama’s Bigot Gambit in South Carolina. Obama is trying, like George Bush, to disguise the divisive bigotry he unleashed for political gain. Obama is advertising in major gay newspapers and magazines. Obama is trying to bamboozle the gay community with letters filled with yet more flowery words which fail to obscure the full ugliness of his South Carolina Bigot tour.

Gay voters in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont will have a powerful voice on Tuesday. The gay vote on Tuesday might prove determinative of the election results. In every gay community center, every gay event, every gay bar, every gay health center, every gay educational, social and entertainment venue Obama’s gay bigot tour must be publicized.

Hillary Clinton’s support for the gay community has been acknowledged by more than 65 LGBT leaders who have joined Hillary’s national LGBT steering committee. [Which is headed by Hillary’s former college roommate.]

Gay voters and young voters must be made aware of the Hillary Clinton record on gay issues. The Dallas Voice:

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton this week pledged, if elected, to “work tirelessly to see that federal benefits are extended to same-sex couples that meet certain standards of commitment, regardless of the state in which they reside.” …

Clinton pointed out that she has been a “proud” sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Matthew Shephard Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Hate Crimes Prevention Act and the Domestic Partnerships Benefits and Obligations Act, and that she authored the Early Treatment for HIV Act and fought to “fully fund” the Ryan White CARE Act.

“We have so much work to do, and when I am president, I will work with you to make sure that Americans in committed relationships have equal benefits, and that nothing stands in the way of those who want to adopt children in need,” Clinton said. “We’re going to expand federal hate crimes legislation and pass ENDA, and make sure that both are fully inclusive of all people. And finally, we will put an end to the failed policy of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’” [snip]

“For seven long years, the Bush administration has tried to divide us. They have only seen the people who matter to them … And no community has been more invisible to this administration than the LGBT community, I will change that,” Clinton said…

The first step toward that goal, she said, would be for Congress to pass the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act. The bill, which Clinton has co-sponsored in the Senate, would extend the same benefits, including health insurance, to the domestic partners of federal employees.

“As some of you may know,” Clinton said, “after [the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001], I lobbied very hard to get the administration to extend federal benefits under the Victims Compensation Fund to the partners of those who had perished. That was the first time we were ever able to do that, and guess what — the sky didn’t fall.

I have been pushing that very hard, to extend all federal benefits, and I intend to make that a high priority,” she said…

This is a cause I feel very deeply about, and I am going to continue doing everything I can as a senator, and certainly as president, to try to change those priorities,” she said.

Young voters, Gay Americans, and “Straight, Not Narrow” Americans will support Hillary Clinton and reject the flowery, scented bigotry of Barack Obama.

As is so often the case with both of the Democrat candidates, the Hillary people make a charge:

Voters in Austin and Houston, Texas must be made aware of Barack Obama’s Bigot Gambit in South Carolina.

But then fail to substantiate it.

Hey, why not make us aware of Mr. Obama’s “bigot gambit” by telling us what he did and giving us some verifiable examples?

No, they just throw out the allegation as an excuse to recite the litany of promises Mrs. Clinton has made in her endless pandering to homosexuals.

Even her pledge to end her husband’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

But note the last line:

Americans will support Hillary Clinton and reject the flowery, scented bigotry of Barack Obama.

Isn’t “flowery, scented bigotry” a rather odd expression to use under the circumstances?

In fact, doesn’t it sound like “hate speech”?

Indeed, isn’t claiming that someone is playing the bigot card (without any documentation) “hate speech”?

I’m telling.

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If I were running for president, I wouldn't have my picture taken with Gavin Newsome either-for many reasons having nothing to do with gay issues.