Monday, March 13, 2017

Understanding The Current Healthcare Debate Made Simple

What Others Are Saying...
There are 5 keys to health care reform – none of which is being done or proposed.

1) Tort reform. 5 out of 7 tests doctors order are unnecessary – they are simply to avoid frivolous lawsuits. This turns a $5,000 procedure into a $25,000 procedure. Many doctors and surgeons pay close to a million dollars a year for liability insurance – and the cost for liability insurance to hospitals is as...tronomical. Where does that come from? From our pockets in higher fees and higher insurance costs. (For example, TX passed caps on punitive damages to doctors and hospitals, and in ONE YEAR medical malpractice insurance premiums PLUMMETED!)
2) Get the illegal aliens out of the system – people who have no intention of ever paying a medical bill. If an illegal alien has an emergency medical need – e.g. heart attack, accident, stroke – we will of course see to their needs – but the hospital should bill the federal government and then the federal government should deduct every single penny – plus a service fee – from any foreign aid to that person’s home country. Then they should deduct the cost of shipping them back home – after they are fingerprinted, photographed, have DNA samples taken and checked against the criminal database, and had retinal eye scans taken and made to understand that they are never allowed back in the US again.
3) Speed up the processes for approval of new drugs and procedures. There are hundreds of drugs available in Europe and Canada that were approved there years ago – but our system makes the manufacturers spend billions more to get them approved here. No wonder some pills are 30 bucks each!
4) Allow small businesses to group together for better rates. Large companies have a significant break because of volume – why not small businesses too? Why can’t the Downtown Merchant’s Association or the state Lumbermen’s association all get together and have a few hundred people in a single plan, rather than a small café or dress shop trying to come up with something for their 3 or 4 employees?
5) Allow companies and individuals to shop for insurance anywhere. My auto insurance is from a company in Wisconsin – why can’t my health insurance be from a company in Idaho? Competition always drives down prices - and interstate competition is currently forbidden. Healthy capitalist competition always works.

From the book "THE FALL FROM WITHIN"
© 2017 by Bart Daugherty

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