Friday, March 20, 2015

An Enemy Of The Nation Sitting In The White House

If you call yourself a Democrat, Republican, or Independent and do not agree with everything pointed out by Generals McInerney and Vallely then you are either ignorant (just don't know version), ignorant (stupid version) or stupid (the exact version)...and any attempt to argue a different position places you in an anti-American-you-don't-belong-here and I-don't-want-you-here-traitor.  Harsh words you say?  Not harsh enough!  If you don't know by now that we have an enemy of the Nation sitting in the White House (now I don't cuss very often) you're an ass-hole!
By the way, videos such as you are about to see/listen (if you dare) have a odd way of disappearing over time...especially if people start catching on to what really is going they say, this is not a movie, this is really going on.
Before I run off anymore assaults on the personality of those readers who felt slighted by my remarks let me re-emphasize just how important this conversation is by adding, "If you don't believe any of this, I hope you're the first SOB to get beheaded by the enemy that wants to destroy wake the hell up!  Repeat the cuss word here!   ~ Norman E. Hooben ~ "Not on my watch will I let this happen."
ps: Listen to this long as once was very carefully! Three or four times if you're that dense!

Norman Hooben's photo.

Norman Hooben's photo.

And why every American is not repeating ↓this man's↓ words is astounding!

Obama is a "horror" and the Congress is gutless!
...and the United States will be destroyed because the citizens are asleep!

Impeached?  He should be imprisoned!

Every once in a while we get a politician to tell it like it is
But more often than naught the American voter never hears about this

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AnechoicRoom said...

Haven't yet watched ... but I will. I do rather like the cut of your jib!