Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is Obama al Qaeda? ...just wondering out loud

Now just supposin'... (Let's try to connect a few dots. Just supposin' now, just supposin'...)

Reverend James Manning sometimes gets a bad rap for going a little too far with his accusations (i.e. video link Hitler Obama ) but I for one believe the good reverend; after all, no-one has ever proved otherwise. And now we have another Rev. Manning imputation...Columbia University is implicit in covering up for Obama while Obama was in a training camp in Afghanistan (see video below) in the 1980's. But before you watch the video let's go back in time and review a little history. The following commentary from an avid Obama supporter by the name of Bill Moyers. Moyers gives a Brief History Of Al Qaeda

"The true roots of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network stem from the decade-long conflict that plagued Afghanistan from 1979-1989. After Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union, the Afghan Islamist extremists found a rallying call for their cause, as young Muslims from around the world came to Afghanistan to volunteer in what was being called a "holy war," or jihad, against the invading Soviets. One of these young Muslims was a 23 year old from Saudi Arabia named "Usama" bin Ladin. ..."

Now could it be that a young Muslim by the name of Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Husein Obama) answered the rallying cry for their cause...
If Reverend Manning is correct, he just may have connected a few dots for those missing years. Now just supposin' this is all true, after all no-one has ever proved otherwise, then Obama could be al Qaeda...for what kind of training would a young Muslim go all the way to Afghanistan for in the 1980's?
(Yeah, yeah, I know...Bill Moyers is a left wing nutcase!)

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