Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"...for the cries of freedom and democracy" ...but that's not all, there's much more at stake! "Nuclear holocaust" ?

Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran gives an emotional speech before the National Press Club...for the cries of freedom and democracy. Good catch words I'm sure, "freedom" and "democracy" but there is much more than meets the eye said here. Heard loud and clear to my ears was "Slowdown of globalization" as if that would be a problem. Indeed globalization is a huge part of today's world problems mainly because it is being forced upon us by the politic elite instead of letting nature take its course via the citizenry's natural tendency to meld communities. This has been proven with the growth of America...only the melting pot has been turned into a witch's cauldron by the Leftists of the Democratic Party.
Prince Pahlavi mentions a "possible nuclear holocaust"...no catch words with that statement! This should be taken as a warning and it will happen if people don't wake up. When will it happen? Well if you have been paying attention to my previous warnings nothing has convinced me to make changes to my year 2010 almanac. - Norman E. Hooben
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