On October 15, 2008 Marine Sergeant Jan Pawel Pietrzak, a Polish immigrant who chose to serve his new country in Iraq, and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, his lovely bride of only two months, were murdered in their Temecula, California home.
It was a particularly heinous crime. Four men forced their way into the Pietrzak's home by pointing a shotgun at Jan and for the next few hours, before they were brutally executed, Jan was forced to watch as his beloved bride was raped again and again. They were then shot in the head, and posed  leaning together against a sofa.
The perpetrators: Tyrone Miller, Kevin Cox, Emrys John, and Kesuan Sykes. Two worked under Jan Pietrzak's command at Camp Pendleton. They were found in possession of several items of the murdered couple, including Quiana's credit cards, a bracelet with the couple's name engraved in Polish, and Jan's Dress Blue uniform. All four defendants are black. Jan and Quiana were an interracial couple.
The prosecutors refuse to try this as a hate crime. Robbery is the motive they say, not race. However shortly before the murders, Emrys John posted on his MySpace page, "Chillin waitin 4 da killin." If robbery was in fact the motive, why were they planning on killing these two people, and why? The answer lies in the writings found on the walls of the Pietrzak's home.
"NIGGER LOVER" was written on the wall leading to the master bedroom and on a bathroom mirror. This bombshell was dropped by the prosecution's key witness, after the state insisted for months that this was not a hate crime. After all the victims were only some white guy and his black wife, killed by four other black guys. Where is the hate crime in that?
On November 11, 2008, Veteran's Day, Jan Pietrzak's mother wrote a letter to President-elect Obama, asking, "If it was robbery, why didn't they come when nobody was home instead of in the dead of night, armed to the teeth? What was it about my son and daughter in law that inspired such hatred and loathing?" Her received response from the President? A generic form letter sent to all families of soldiers killed in combat. Of course when the news got out that the White House couldn't even be bothered to read a letter from a mother whose Marine son was killed here in the US, they issued an apology. The mothers of Pietrzak and Jenkins requested a meeting with Obama, which has of course, yet to materialize. A beer summit is easier, especially when the race of that so-called victim was black.
I'm going to flat out say what other people want to dance around. White people and Asians get the shaft when it comes to hate crime laws. Black people get scholarships, affirmative action, and the race card. We get our asses handed to us if we so much as listen to a song that contains the N word. We're called racists if we oppose the current President's regime, or call for illegal immigrants to be deported. Perhaps it's time to take a look at one of the groups who have turned race relations and "hate crimes" into a most lucrative venture.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, a "nonprofit" which sells the idea that hate crimes and groups are taking over our country, managed to rake in $111 million in donations in the four years leading up to their 2005 tax return (the last available return). It also claimed to have assets totaling more than $189 million as of 2005. It's a veritable well of unending funds for it's founder Morris Dees and his cronies.
Since America is a roiling sea of hatred, why doesn't the Southern Poverty Law Center, as the public's so-called watchdog, actually spend any money on litigation? Because all it is is a cash cow for Morris Dees, whose pocketbook is considerably heavier nowadays.
The early part of 2006 saw a spectacular crime wave, committed by a group of 10-15 blacks males and females, including one particular incident caught on security camera at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas.
It began with the robbery of two convenience stores, where they ran in and stole whatever they wanted, and just walked out.
It escalated quickly. Remember too, these crimes all occurred within a 48 hour period.
As these thugs were headed into a party at a local motel, they beat a tourist and robbed him.
At approximately 3 a.m. they robbed another convenience store and attacked the cashier.
They savagely beat a white couple at a family park and robbed them.
They robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in a WalMart parking lot, beat her, and when a, elderly security guard tried to stop the attack, both he and the woman were beaten harder.
That Sunday they shot a man,Matthew Davis at another family park, for no reason except that he was white. They robbed Matthew and his girlfriend at gunpoint, and they punched her and stomped her into the ground. When Davis tried to protect his girlfriend he was told, "You gonna die for that." They shot him in the back.
But I have saved the best for last. These animals attacked a maintenance worker, Richard Markwell, at the MGM Grand. After someone sucker punched him in the back of the head, at least 15 of them beat him down, broke his collarbone and jaw, and whipped him with a heavy gauge chain.Calling him, "You white fucker!" As he lay on the street, they stomped on his head, spat on him, all the while the girls who were with this scum laughed at him and ran back and forth to beat the man as he lay helpless on the ground. When a good Samaritan attempted to help this poor man, he was beaten for his efforts.  It was caught on tape and received national attention.
The police said openly that every one of these crimes qualified as a Hate Crime. The prosecutor refused to charge them with hate crimes. The perpetrators were black, the victims all white. So naturally they wouldn't be charged. Some of them agreed to a plea deal, others plead guilty, and were given almost no time. Justice is served.
According to the Department of Justice, blacks are 39% more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than the other way around. Of the more than 700,000 interracial crimes committed in the US every year, 85% are committed by black people. The fact is that hate crimes are not overwhelmingly committed by white people, but by blacks who are the first to scream "Racism!"
Maybe Obama should host another beer summit for all the victims of hate crimes, I just wonder if he will be capable of recognizing that white people are the particular victims of such crimes, not the reverse.
As a woman, I'm a minority. When college time rolled around, I was offered all kinds of aid, scholarships, etc. geared just toward women, because lo and behold, we're minorities. I took nothing except what I earned. Just because estrogen flows through my veins doesn't entitle me to special treatment, just as black Americans aren't entitled to special treatment under the guise of racial equality. None of my black friends expect to be handed something because of the color of their skin. Between feminists and race baiters like Al Sharpton, we will never be equal. Women will want more than men because in the past, we were treated as second class citizens. We aren't today, so quit bellowing like banshees already. Black people were brought here as slaves. That's luckily in the past, where it belongs. It's time to move forward, not wallow in the past, complaining about something in which none of us had any role.
I have never witnessed a crime that wasn't rooted in hate, anyway.