Monday, April 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy's Crowning Moment - HR1388

HR 1388: The Obama Yutes Corps Is Here

When I first wrote about the Obama Neo Marxist Civilian National Security Forces back in July 2008, the responses/reactions from the Obama Goon Squads was of the same nature as rabid insidious boar hogs - with tits. I guess we could refer to them as transvestite pigs, confused and deranged freaks. I contacted all of the elected cockroaches in DC and, naturally, do to their cowardice and spineless nature, they were too afraid to speak out against HR 1388. And the elected cockroaches ask what we are angry about? I suppose the "new" swine flu has been in DC for quite a long time - the mental midgetry of the federal politicians is astounding.

So, HR 1388 Has been signed by the √úbermessias Obama. The original language of the Bill has been changed to a degree allegedly to remoce the offending verbiage. However, the unconstitutionality of it all is still ever present.

It used to be called Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE Act) but now has been renamed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. For those of us paying attention to what takes place in DC, this is nothing more than the National Service Act of 2007. The original Bill can be read here. It is in essence, conscript service, a civilian draft and forced servitude went out decades ago, until Obama and his tribe of tribal mentality goons came upon the scene. That's one thing you must take note of. The tribal instincts of muzzies whether open about their Muzziness or in the closet - like Obama - are totally recognizable.

Ed Morrissey calls it "paid volunteerism" and he refers to the program as an oxymoron. Michelle Malkin calls it a $6 billion National Service boondoggle. Gateway Pundit calls it the Youth Brigade Bill. No matter what you call it, Adolf Hitler and every despot known to man has done this very similar act and look where it got them and the world as a whole.

The interesting thing about this abortion of constitutionality is once you are a paid volunteer, there are mandates placed upon you which violate several Amendments. You cannot be part of or contribute to any political event or class and you cannot receive, give or participate in religious activities. The Bill, in essence, names the federal government as a Corporation and in Section 125, under restricted activities, sub-section (10) sates: "Such other activities as the Corporation may prohibit." That's the same tactic employed in every Bill that states "And for other purposes."

So, true to form of the socialized dhimmitwits in this nation, yet another unconstitutional law has been signed by yet STILL an unconstitutional federal government. And these nitwits want to know why we are pissed off?

See Oil for Immigration at your earliest convenience. Duane Lester also has two articles up that are must reads as well on this subject.

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