Friday, December 12, 2008

"Peter Schiff Was Right" ...Sorry Peter, I've out done ya!

While perusing around cyber space looking for something that has taken the back seat for the moment, I came across the video below. The headline read, " Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007 (2nd Edition) " (Also here ). Now I'm not one to vaunt over things but sometimes one just has to have some bragging rights to set the record straight. Now mind you, I'm not claiming any "firsts" or new discoveries. Many other like minded individuals could also stake claim to such readily available knowledge. One such person is William Jefferson Clinton. Ole Slick Willy knew exactly what he was doing...Break The Banks! And all this would take time. The time he knew would be on George Bush's watch...and therefor the blame game.
With that said (no need to go into Clinton's New World Order reasons here.) my little ole brain knew that I must have wrote to somebody about all these goings on for that would be my only proof of topping Mr. Schiff's claim to fame. Sure 'nough, there it was in me ole archives, my little note to Frank back in the year 2000. In fact it was filed in October of that year on my wife's birthday. Now the note was not dated so how was I going to prove it ran ahead of Schiff's. "Properties!"
Each file has a 'properties' identifier lets you know when the document was created...there it was...

Hey Peter, if you happen to browse by this blogsite, how 'bout given Storm'n Norm'n a little hat tip.

Watch the video then read my note to Frank written several years before Peter knew what was going on.

Now remember Pete Schiff was right in 2006 and poor ole Storm'n Norm'n was right on in the year 2000!

Hey Frank…you’re all wet!

You may recall that when President Clinton signed the Community Re-investment Act (CRA) sometime in the late 1990’s (I think it was around 1998) that this opened the door that Jimmy Carter unlocked during his anti-redlining years. All of this Socialist legislation by these Liberal, (I don’t know what to call them…) blanket-blanks will most likely create some kind of spurt in the real estate/housing markets (which I believe is already under way). But what’s going to happen when these folks who have been legislated the opportunity to own their own homes suddenly can no longer make the payments…

Notice that I said, “legislated” for whatever happened to so-called rugged individualism and making it on your own self determination…maybe they’ll legislate jobs and earnings just so as they can keep up the payments. Meanwhile, keep those house payments going…your contributions are keeping the mortgage companies afloat…but the ship is sinking!


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