Monday, December 19, 2016

The Current State of the Union (December 2016)

Well I don't expect Barack Hussein Obama will draft his last State of the Union address like the following... Traditionally the outgoing president does not give a State of the Union Address; the incoming president may give one, but in the interim we could pretty much sum up for ourselves the true State of the Union as it is at the moment.  Just take a look at any of the social media websites and you're bound to find an accurate description...the following from I said, "An accurate description."
(sent to myself and others who may not read this blog in an email)
From: Norman Hooben
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 1:33 PM
To: Norm Hooben
Subject: Current State of the Nation
To all the lefties out there! We saw Kennedy get shot on TV the Shuttle blow up, and 9-11 unfold in real time in the news. We went to work and school, cried out in the open, not in a safe space, pulled up our big boy and girl pants and went about our day as usual although our harts were breaking! We resolved to be stronger, love each other and America more. We were all disappointed when Obama was reelected. We knew that our country would barely survive, but we did not riot, need crayons and play doe, or wear safety pins! To the left, get over it. This was an election and your side lost, our side lost the last two elections. This is how the democratic republic works. Trust me when I tell you, you will probably be in the Trump camp by the end of four years. Job opportunity will improve, you will see the difference living with free markets instead of socialism. And the race relations will improve, because Trump is not a racist. Keeping our borders closed is for our safety, not racism. There will be religious freedom again, free speech again! Our 2nd amendment is saved and our courts will preserve our constitution! I suggest you all read the constitution and the bill of rights, documents that have stood the test of time because they were brilliant and before their time. It's time you tried to self educate yourselves, because your parents and schools have miserably failed you!
Virgil Britt I have never in my adult life witnessed the behavior that is being displayed by the Liberals after the loss in this election. Writing thousands of letters to Electors requesting that they vote for the losing candidate instead of the candidate that won the election is asinine. Suck it up Buttercups the people have spoken and don't give me the argument about the popular vote.
Bonnie McConnell I'm surprised that the identities of the electors are known by the general public. We don't publicize the names of jurors on high profile cases!
Nora Halpert I agree I have never seen this kind of behavior before ... so scary.
Nora Halpert What this is doing is confirming to Trump supporters, and a lot of moderate Democrats how very dangerous Progressives are, and how lucky we are they were kicked out. The behavior they're exhibiting only makes them look bad.
Bonnie McConnell I'm on pins and needles today hoping the electors do the right thing. Michael Moore offered to pay the penalties of the electors that flipped! The Clinton camp is blaming everyone but Hillary for her loss. Sad that they are so delusional and criminal.

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