Saturday, August 6, 2016

What about that DNC speech? There's a lot of redacted stuff here, but that's all you need!

I was looking for one word that would describe an insincere speech when I came across pretended compassion...OK, so it's not one word but It'll serve the purpose.  If you've been following the recent jabs put out at the DNC (Democrat National Convention) you may remember Mr. Khan gave a compassionate speech about his son who was killed in Iraq.  Well I don't know the circumstances surrounding the death of his son so I won't go there... Mr. khan seems to have gone there at the request of Hillary Clinton's speech writers (you don't think for a minute that Mr. Kahn wrote that speech...if you do, you're as gullible as a three year old).  Plagiarizing my source for Khan's fake compassion says more about the man than what was depicted on TV, "his pretended compassion for the loss of his son, and his intolerable pain, was nothing but a scam"  and let me add, "he didn't give the speech out of any love for his son...he did it for $375,000.00"

Khizr Khan and wife at DNC
Oh they look so sad there on national television 
while they're laughing all the way to their bank.
Well it's not the first time the Clinton's have paid substantial amounts of money to either enhance their agenda or keep people's mouths shut to cover up their lies.  Where the money came from is a whole other story but chances are the Clinton Global Initiative was an inside partner... I would have called it an "under-the-table partner but we have some over the counter proof...the bank's counter.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

As you can see, the image below is a bank letter from Wells Fargo notifying the Kazoo Khan law firm that The Clinton Foundation is depositing $375,000 into its bank account. ~ source
Meanwhile, Whatever happened to those emails?

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