Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Money... What you don't know about it will hurt you...sooner of later!

This is one of those areas that the powers-to-be keep the un-informed un-informed, whereas the person placing twenty-five cents in a gumball machine or buying a home for a million dollars should know how the money game is played but never asked to look at the rule book. One day it will all come to a screeching halt and that's when the un-informed* will be screeching the loudest... ~ Norman E. Hooben
*Just in case you didn't know, the un-informed is you! (over 90% of Americans)

“Follow the Money”
Understand the Federal Reserve Scam in Less Than 15 Minutes (VIDEO)

This clip is a brief exert from the documentary film THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? – The film does well in breaking down the basic structure of the Federal Reserve, and illustrates the problem with fiat currency.  A comprehensive fact-check is included below the video.

Via Thrive Movement

This fact-check is taken from the Thrive Movement Website. It is being used here without permission, but in good conscience. The issue of our dangerous economy is one that should be understood by every American with a desire to be informed. It is sad that this is not common knowledge. -Tim O’Keefe (Waking Up Wisconsin)

Fractional Reserve

Fact: American banks have about nine times as much money loaned out as they have on reserve in their vaults.

Big Bankers benefit from the Great Depression

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