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Christmas, The Tradition
by Norman E. Hooben
Christmas Night 1777
For lack of a better description I borrowed the following line to establish the mindset of an American tradition:
“Most cultures have traditions, customs and beliefs that have been passed down through the ages and although some traditions alter slightly to suit modern day living, many stay the same and are an important link to the past and our ancestors.”
Whether we like it or not, Americans have rooted themselves in things that without, would have taken us down a different path to where we would not be today.  It’s been 238 years since our Founding Fathers laid down the principles for which we so proudly prevailed since.  Judeo-Christian principles, whether you like it or not! 
Christmas is a Christian tradition and comes from the words, “Christ and Mass.”  Without the birth of Christ there would be no Christmas…and without Christ there would be no Christians.  So let’s get over the idea that Christmas is not a part of us.
Christmas has been celebrated each and every year since the landings at Plymouth and Jamestown…and continues today.  It did not attain holiday status until President Grant signed it into law…and we lived with that until now.  Now we have un-Christian-like secular progressives trying to destroy that which has been a part of us since the beginning.  And although I personally celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year I have that inbred principle that links me to our past…Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and you too President Grant, Merry Christmas!

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