Friday, August 22, 2014

Obama's Pizza Diplomacy

Excerpted from:The Sheldon Cooper Presidency @ Ace of Spades HQ

No matter what happens in the world, Obama is sticking to Pizza On Thursdays.
Because that's what we do on Thursdays. Thursdays are for Pizza.
They're slaughtering Christians in Iraq? Thursdays are for Pizza.
They're slaughtering Yazidis in Iraq? Pizza is what we have on Thursdays.
Ferguson is burning? It's Thursday. Thursday night is pizza night.
James Foley was beheaded by the New Caliphate in Iraq? Well, unless James Foley is our Pizza delivery guy, I don't really see how this alters our Thursday plans...
I really do not know what it could possibly take to get Obama to acknowledge that while Thursdays are often for Pizza, sometimes momentous events occur which require delaying Pizza until later. ...Read full story here

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