Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is Obama playing with fire? Nuclear fire!

US nuclear force faces a cascade of missteps
By Associated Press at Boston Herald

WASHINGTON — First it was bad attitudes among young officers in nuclear missile launch centers. Now it's alleged bad behavior by two of the nuclear arsenal's top commanders. Together the missteps spell trouble for a nuclear force doubted by some for its relevance, defended by others as vital to national security and now compelled to explain how the firing of key commanders this week should not shake public confidence.  ...full story continues here
Most people (I assume) would place little significance to the above story if they bothered to read it at all.  The story caught my eye because I am very well aware of the schemes established by the politic elite that feed their political agenda.  In a story long forgotten by most (again, I assume), it was Bill Clinton that started the devious plan of placing like-minded people in career path positions that would affect the leadership (both civilian and military) down the road. 
So here we are just over thirteen years down the road from the Clinton Administration and most of his junior level appointees have had plenty of time to mature ('climb and snake their way' would have been a better choice of words) into positions of power.  The Obama people know this...they also know who they can trust with their like-mindedness.  So no matter what the public released story says about why the generals were fired, (more than likely they were fired because they didn't meet the standards of a politically corrupt commander in chief)  one has to keep in mind Obama's agenda to fundamentally change America (he's already accomplished much of this or haven't you noticed).  Will his replacement nuclear missile launch commanders obey his commands? I hope not.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

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