Sunday, December 2, 2012

The DOJ...just another day at the office

Update November 11, 2014: As of this date still only 5,219 increase of 731.  Repeat the "...but nobody cares." line here.
This kind of news will not deter Obama and Company from continuing on their path of destruction.  The American people are too blind to see the writing on the wall.  Starting with members of Congress all the way down to the ignoramus who lives up the hill across the way...that middle aged lady who proudly displays the Obama bumper sticker.  I get these news tips every day from a multitude of sources with each declaring some sort of impropriety or mischievous conduct.  Nothing is ever done about it...the Constitution continues to be shredded as if it no longer existed...America is no longer sustainable and the people look the other way... This guy, Tony West, will not go away just because somebody put up this YouTube video.  When I transferred the video here there was only 4,488 views.  If enough people were concerned about Obama's shenanigans there should have been over fifty million views...but nobody cares.  So this is just another blip in the scheme of things...Obama and Company are controlling the masses ('cept me and the one other person that may be reading this) and guys like Tony West will continue to exist to see the transformation of what was once considered the best place on earth to some hell hole celebrating diversity. ~ Norman E. Hooben

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