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The Media: outted as this century's nazi enablers

Source: Atlas Shrugs
I am ashamed to say that for decades now the BBC has been one of the least reliable sources of news or anything that approaches objective journalism. ~ Paul Schnee

Israel demands CNN Apology over Attack CoverageBBC Prostrates Itself for Muslim Murderers

Medai scrubs Islamic Jew hatred. Photos of Muslim massacre of Jewish family of Five. Three Year Old stabbed in the heart, baby's throat slashe.
The media is aligned with the jihad force. May they rot in hell - the whole lot of leftist leeches and Jew haters. Congratulations as they are outted as this century's nazi enablers.
And may the Jews build and build and build.
Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage YNET News

American network reporters present tendentious coverage of Saturday's gruesome murder in Itamar, question fact it was a terrorist attack. Israel's Government Press Office 'dumbfounded, astonished'  Attila Somfalvi
Israel is demanding an apology from CNN over its coverage of Saturday's terrorist attack in Itamar claiming it was "tendentious and deceptive." Government Press Office director Oren Helman sent a letter to CNN's Bureau Chief Kevin Flower saying he was astonished at the network's coverage of the ruthless attack. A CNN website report avoided describing the event as a terror attack, noting that the Israel Defense Forces consider it an act of terrorism. "Only you decided to use the term terrorist attack in quotation marks, as if this were not necessarily the case," Helman wrote. "There is a limit to the extent of objectivity regarding such a horrific deed."

The CNN report. 'Family members killed in what military calls terror attack'
The CNN report stated: "Five members of an Israeli family were killed in the West Bank early Saturday morning in what the Israeli military is calling a 'terror attack.'" The report went on to say: "According to a military spokeswoman, an intruder entered the Israeli settlement of Itamar near the northern West Bank city of Nablus around 1 am, made his way into a family home and killed two parents and their three children." The IDF's official statement noted that forces were searching for a "terrorist" and not an "intruder" as the CNN report noted. The terrorist was also referred to as an "assailant" later in the report. There was no mention of the possibility this was the act of a Palestinian terrorist.

BBC report. 'Family members stabbed by an intruder'
The BBC also referred to the terrorist as an intruder in its report. "The family - including three children - were stabbed to death by an intruder who broke into their home, Israeli media reported," the BBC reported Saturday. Readers might deduce the family members died in a failed burglary attempt.
The BBC went further and evinced its stance on Israel's policy in the territories. "Nearly half a million Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem," the report stated. "They are held to be illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this."

Paul Schnee on the BBC coverage:
I am ashamed to say that for decades now the BBC has been one of the least reliable sources of news or anything that approaches objective journalism. It has reached the point where one may as well rely on Al Jezeera. However, the BBC does much more damage. Nobody expects objectivity from a source that is funded by Arab petro-dollars. Clearly, Al Jezeera is just one more of the propaganda arms of the Muslim world and carries water for Islam in much the same way as Izvestia did for Soviet communism. It employs journalists who have exotic sounding names and tony British accents in the anxious hope that these imagined assets will enhance and disguise its dubious credentials. The BBC, however, is still considered to be a trustworthy institution and a pioneer of honest broadcasting dispatching its journalists to every corner of the globe dutifully filing their unbiased reports with Broadcasting House. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The BBC has a long history of squelching facts and stories of which it disapproves. Its director general, John Reith, spent much of the late 1930s trying to muzzle Winston Churchill and prevent him from making radio broadcasts to the nation because he was critical of the government and even more critical of the swiftly rearming Nazi Germany.  In the august ivory tower of Broadcasting House policies have been formed and agendas drawn up  in a spirit of complete detachment from the facts. Occasionally when the BBC gets around to reporting the actual facts it uses them, as has often been noted, in much the same way as a drunk uses a lampost for support rather than illumination.  Malcolm Muggeridge once observed that in order to be successful as a journalist one had to appear regularly on the front page the way to which is often paved with bad intentions. This, alas, is the case with the venerable BBC which proves time and again the remark made by former British prime minister Stanley Baldwin: "The Press seeks power but power without responsibility which, of course, is the prerogative of the harlot."Broadcasting House opened in 1932. Above it's main entrance was a statue of Ariel, Shakespeare's invisible spirit of the air. Into this air truth, let alone objectivity, vanished many years ago to be replaced by the desperate quest for ratings, revenue and fame. How could accuracy and objectivity ever hope to compete with those three harlots? Well, quite frankly, not very well and this is when one starts to detect a whiff of sulfur as values become transposed, as facts become distorted or omitted, as photographs are deliberately altered, as reporters fail to perform their due diligence seeking to influence rather than to inform, as false conclusions are reached transforming themselves into conventional wisdom, and how the casual slander becomes accepted as journalism. This is how history is ignored and this is what has allowed the entirely false narrative and illegitimate claims of the Arab Palestinians to flourish. Their concocted story is merely an excuse for the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jewish people and this disgusting murder in Itamar proves it. Never in the course of recorded history has so much time, effort and money been spent and lives wasted in order to justify a lie and deny the truth. In this the BBC has played a shameful part. 
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