Sunday, January 30, 2011

Police Station Shootout caught on camera! Detroit Police Release Shocking Video

Detroit police release shocking footage of station shootout that left four officers wounded and a crazed gunman dead

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:14 AM on 30th January 2011

  • One officer seen exchanging gunfire at point blank range

  • Did child sex allegations prompt gunman to commit 'death by cop' suicide?

  • Female sergeant hit in the chest but bulletproof vest saves her life

  • Police chief says video highlights 'tremendous acts of heroism'

  • Detroit police have released harrowing footage of the moment a deranged gunman opened fire on officers from the front desk of their precinct house.
    The gunman, 38-year-old Lamar Moore, was wanted for questioning by police and had gone briefly missing before suddenly turning up at the Sixth Precinct house on January 23.  Dramatic surveillance video footage shows two different camera angles of the station - the public area at the front desk, and the section behind the front desk for officers.  Story and more pictures continues here


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