Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How many of you knew Obama when...?

...when he was yanking your chain trying to get your vote!

John over at Midnight Review was pretty much dead on with his predictions

Our list of "Obama Beliefs" made in October of 2008. This was before we really knew him. How did we do? You decide.

A belief against private gun ownership
A belief that any and all abortion legislation is good
A belief that all industry should be unionized
A belief that privatized education threatens the National Well-being
A belief that capitalism has produced economic failure on many levels
A belief that political debate needs to be limited
A belief that terrorism should be defined as a crimial activty
A belief that "minimum wage" must meet "living wage" standards
A belief that WalMart needs legislative supervision
A belief that he and Michelle are a co-Presidency
A belief that conservative Christian talk have legislative limits
A belief that the Christian Church cannot have membership requirements if it partners with the Government in aid and relief
A belief that he and Michelle owe a political debt to the Black community
A belief that the Military offers great opportunity for our Nation's minority We are leaving this item in the list although comments that lead us to include this items have proven to be misleading. Obama is in fact anti-military. His personal feelings are secondary to the fact that he is the Commander in Chief of the most effective fighting force on earth. A belief that preemptive military strikes are categorically wrong
A belief in the election strategy of "deracialization" - the political practice of blacks talking like whites in a predominantly white region for the purpose of getting elected. A belief that "affordable housing" policies need to be expanded
A belief in reparations to the Black community for the sins of slavery
A belief that Jesus Christ does not define "God" in exclusive terms
A belief there are times when the Government knows better than the parent
A belief that your 401k should be taken from you and added to the Social Security fund
A belief that the Patriot Act needs to be repealed
A belief that Guantánamo Bay must be closed
A belief that the U.N. is both useful and necessary
A belief in abortion without governmental limitations - period.
A belief that conscience laws should not be allowed for health care providers
A belief that only government can solve America's economic problems
A belief that the military is a necessary evil. He wants a one-war force as opposed to the two-war force we currently have. Very dangerous.


Storm'n Norm'n said...
You did very well...of course many of us thought of many in your list but we never wrote them down. There is a comment that I made in July of '08 that remain in my side bar that in a way summarizes your entire list: "From the first time I heard about the boogey-man as a child to the first time I got shot at in Vietnam, nothing in my entire lifetime, THAT'S NOTHING! has put more fear into me than this man Obama." I used 'fear' here not as against the individual but the ideology he represnted...and still does! Great list you have there....maybe I'll borrow it one of these days. Thanks, Norm
John Smithson said...
If you would give this blog due credit, borrow away. Thanks for you service in Nam. My brother was 21 years older than me. He landed on Normandy and fought through France and Germany. The war ruined him. I do what I do here because of him and guys like yourself. I have actually cried over this past two years. Who would have thought that we would be witnessing the death of this great nation as we have known it for years, and from a band of Marxist impostors. I have been busy working for a living. Retired, now, and am doing nothing more important than what I (we) am doing right now. God bless you, Norm.

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