Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching up...will be back to full speed next Tuesday

Well we finally arrived in Dennis on our usual four-day trip which could be accomplished in less time but with two-cats and a dog we got to make the stops...especially for the cats (they just won't eat, drink, or use the kitty litter unless we stop for the night).
Meanwhile while driving. I get to listen to some of my favorite talk-show hosts like Andrew Wilkow, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck to name a few.
Although we've made this trip numerous times and stay at our usual stops we don't always keep track of the towns so somewhere in Virginia I did Monday's radio show by telephone from an undisclosed motel...sort of like Mark Levin's undisclosed bunker.  It was from that same location I posted the North Korea Attacks South Korea story. 
The main story coming over the XM satellite radio for most of the trip concerned the TSA scanners and pat-downs at the airports.  One of the funniest stories was posted over at RadarSite and proved what a fiasco this whole scanner/pat-down thing really is...check it out here One For The Record Books.
Somewhere along the way I caught the story about Amanda Knox's retrial over in remember her as the American girl that was found guilty of murdering her roommate over a year ago.  While watching the video I noted something in the Italian court room that would never happen in the United States...especially with a Muslim in the White House...check out your observation skills:
Pretty obvious isn't it...the crucifix on the wall! Its apparent that the ACLU does not have an Italian counterpart...and I wouldn't expect one any time soon; the Pope has a pretty good following over there. 
We like to check out the beaches whenever we come back to Dennis no matter what the weather. When we arrived on Tuesday we checked out a couple of our favorites even though it was quite windy with the temperature in the low 40's, its always a treat to see (I don't know what the water temperature was but at this location it's cold even in mid-summer).  I suppose if I were a bit younger I'd be doing exactly what these crazy kids were doing on this cold day...on a second thought, one of theses crazy guys had gray hair so maybe there's a chance for me yet...

Not all went well Thanksgiving morning... As we stepped outside to take the dog out for a walk there was a small geyser spouting up across the street.  An underground break in the main water line apparently broke and the water department had to shut off the water to all the condos on our street (we were lucky to have taken our showers prior to the shut-off).  Here they are in the midst of repairing the damage:
That's it for took forever to upload this on borrowed bandwidth we'll have a new provider as of next Tuesday so things should speed up... later, Storm'n Norm'n

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