Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video - Janet Napolitano: "We Can't Seal The Border"

RealClearPolitics - Video - Janet Napolitano: "We Can't Seal The Border"
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Napolitano is a disgrace! "We can't seal the border."  That's a bunch of crap!
"...truly the NCO's run the Army and the Air Force, just as the Chiefs run the Navy."
It doesn't matter where that quote came from; what matters is that it's a fact that cannot be disputed.  With that said, I strongly believe that given the mission to close the border we former NCO's could get the job done in about the same time as Janet Napolitano takes to swim across the Rio Grande.  That may be a little exaggerated...then again she probably can't swim either.  Closing the border should be a military operation...and why not?  We are being invaded!  And who is better equipped to handle an invasion...that's right! Us guys! We can do it!  Yes we can!  Make that, "Yes Sir! We can!"  ~ Storm'n Norm'n