Sunday, September 19, 2010

When letters from Democrat nominees read like this maybe they can see the...

September 16, 2010
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Office of the Speaker
H-232, US Capitol
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I am the Democratic nominee to fill the 6th Congressional District seat being vacated by Congressman Bart Gordon.  I am writing to request that you not seek the Speaker’s position during your next term and make your intention not to seek this leadership position public.

Let me explain my perspective.  Voters in my district believe that you do not represent their values, and my opposition has little to offer apart from critiquing your leadership.   While I could reference numerous examples of this trend, one reporter summarized the challenge: “a highly intelligent, well spoken and charismatic figure, Carter has all of the intrinsic skill set necessary to be a successful candidate…. But for all of the skill, abilities and compelling life stories, there is still one seemingly unshakable albatross hanging around the neck of Brett Carter – Nancy Pelosi.” (Stephen Shirley, Daily News Journal, 9/12/10).  I take no pleasure in being the bearer of this news, but sadly, it is the reality we face.

Brett R. Carter
Democratic Nominee
6th Congressional District, TN

Read full contents of letter here

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