Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hillary, Woodrow, and Walter...

Regarding the current political crisis affecting our country there’s a number of things going on that no one is talking about and if dare I say ‘conspiracy’ the so called progressives will immediately be in denial but that’s the way it is, Tuesday, December 18th, 2018.
The recent U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh brought out the hate in the Democrat Senate like no time in our history; it was a most disrespectful time for those senators that took part in the most rabid character assassination attack in recent memory.  This hate did not come suddenly but has been simmering for many years; it came to a boiling point when Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House which was also a huge loss by the Progressive’s war against America.  Let’s say the war is still on for the Democrats look at it as just one battle and they will have a reunited front when they take command of the House this coming January. 
Many years ago when President Woodrow Wilson said, “We must control the courts and they shall control the future society; In effect, they must rewrite the Constitution.” that’s when the current war began.  Here we have a President of the United States actively promoting the dissolution of a sovereign nation by destroying the one document that gave us the most people friendly freedoms the world has ever known; conspiracy, you bet!
Some of you may recall Dr. D.L. Cuddy’s Chronological History of the New World Order where he mentions a 1964 publication, Visions of Order (authored by Richard Weaver) and extracts the following: “Progressive educators as a 'revolutionary cabal' engaged in a systematic attempt to undermine society's traditions and beliefs.”  Fast forward to April 23, 2015 at the Women in the World Summit where presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton says, “Deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” Is that an attempt to undermine society's traditions and beliefs?  You bet!  By the way, the sad part of that quote was that the audience applauded.
Then we have the Mueller probes aka, the witch hunt, where all the Trump haters are using a well-known Alinsky tactic to discredit our current president by placing all (that’s 100%) of the previous administration wrongdoing onto the guy who won the White House fair and square…even with Obama’s attempts to co-conspire with Vladimir Putin using the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and other well-known Communists imbedded in the system…here John Brennan comes to mind.  How did we get so many anti-Americans into high positions in our government?  For starters you can blame President William Jefferson Clinton for hiring those with the same mindset to be placed into various positions including the Senior Executive Service (by the way Obama continued this practice) and they became the Bob Mueller, Peter Strzok, and James Comey (s) of the cabal.  You don’t have to take my word for it you can read it in the New York Times December 27, 1992, “Other Clinton nominees seemed to be not advocates of the agencies they are taking over but rather infiltrators, who Mr. Clinton hopes will infect the departments with new ideas
Now I’ve only brought to light a few attempts by the Left to indoctrinate the general population but one of the most egregious was the eighteen year run by a guy who gave us the nightly news on CBS, Walter Cronkite, the so-called “most trusted man in America”.   Most Americans accepted the man who delivered the news in what I refer to as a ‘comfort voice’ and he delivered what his superiors desired.  Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” said his boss, CBS News president Richard Salant.  Then when old Walter retires from CBS and admits that he was under their control all the time but now that he’s no longer there can speak his own mind about Americans and how we need to give up our sovereignty …promoting such radicals George Soros and Richard Hudson and his unforgiving support to the United Nations the most corrupt organization ever devised by man.  So for years he told us what CBS wanted us to know and in retirement while accepting an award from the World Federalist Organization tells us with that same comfort voice I mentioned earlier that he’s glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan; the same God-less attitude of Hillary Clinton.  And that’s the way it is, Tuesday, December 18th, 2018.  Just a small glimpse of the overall conspiracy…and it’s not a theory, it’s the truth!
~ Norman E. Hooben
A good source of knowledge. ↓  Listen to the Trevor Loudon interview; the only way you'll know what is really going on...everything in the following video is fact and can be researched by anyone.