Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren... Do you really know her...or do you just follow along party lines?

At the moment she feels that she cannot win an argument she walks away...and she will never answer a direct question. She is an Alinskyite and will always have an excuse for her behaviour. She has associations with various factions of the Communist Party (i.e. Harvard Democratic Socialists of America as well as attending fund raisers sponsored by known Communist Jamie Raskin.). She will never mention her communist connections (Elissa McBride, Heather Booth, and Damon Silvers) while making speeches to the voting population. If anyone tries to confront her on any Communist influenced connection they will be ignored or spoken down to as if the confrontation was insignificant. Most voters are ignorant of her Alinsky tactics (say one thing but do the opposite) and she knows this. Solution: Educate the voters.  ~ Norman E. Hooben