Friday, October 28, 2016

Breaking News Not Reported By The MSM: Clinton and DNC being sued and Hillary and company planning their escape if Trump wins.

Note: The following news item(s) can be found at, a not so main stream media outlet, yet seemingly more honest with their reporting than the so-called main-stream media aka, MSM.  Although I have not seen any notable MSM report covering Eagle Rising’s breaking news, I would expect that they would be committing editorial hari-kari if they did, for where in the MSM do you find self-identifiers such as this: 
About Eagle Rising: Eagle Rising seeks to share breaking news about culture, media, politics, etc., from a Christian perspective.
Since the trend of the MSM lends itself to anti-Christian bias and central government control (And that’s been going on since 1917!), I’ll put my faith in Eagle Rising as a legitimate news source. ~ Norman E. Hooben
Project Veritas Founder Files Lawsuit Against DNC and Hillary Clinton
Written by Tim Brown
After exposing Democrat voter fraud and election rigging on video, including claims that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and DNC Chair Donna Brazile were personally involved, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has decided to file suit against the DNC and Clinton.
According to the complaint filed by O’Keefe to the Federal Election Commission, he calls the actions of the DNC, which his team of undercover journalists uncovered, a “criminal conspiracy” and says that it should trigger criminal penalties under the law.
This criminal conspiracy involves the knowing and willful creation of coordinated expenditures from prohibited corporate sources. As is detailed numerous times in the Veritas transcript, attached as EXHIBIT A, the supposedly independent speech and actions of third-party groups were directed, controlled, or puppeteered by HFA or the DNC. Indeed, the record establishes not just simple violations of the FECA’s coordination provisions, but ongoing knowing and willful evasion of federal election law requirements through a complicated scheme. Because this conspiracy involves large numbers of employees, heightened travel, production, and distribution costs and because of the nationwide scale of the operation, upon information and belief, this triggers criminal penalties under 52 U.S.C. § 30109(d)(1)(A)(i).
By failing to abide by the law, these respondents misled the public about the true identity of speakers and funding sources for political protests and advocacy campaigns. This sort of evasion undermines the public’s trust in the electoral process and allows elite political operatives to operate above the law.
O’Keefe’s evidence is not just the statements of Robert Creamer in his videos, but also several emails with statements that indicate collusion to engage in illegal activities.
In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, O’Keefe said, “As the chairman of Project Veritas, our work is financially independent and beholden to nobody. Our work is funded by thousands of contributors, small, medium, and large. What I have learned about our media – and it’s frightening – is that almost everyone is compromised. Media companies are beholden to stockholders and I have sources that I am trying to get to go on the record to explain that these companies are afraid of reporting this story for fear of political retaliation. If the public knew the truth, I think it would change everything about American politics.”
One would hope that O’Keefe’s complaint would be taken seriously. However, after the FEC has allowed the usurper-in-chief to remain in office for eight years despite the fact that the man has posted a fraudulent birth certificate on the White House website, has a fake selective service document, uses fraudulent Social Security numbers, is passing off numerous other forged documents and can’t even pass E-verify to get a job, it’s highly doubtful the FEC will do anything to Hillary Clinton, but there’s always hope.
You can read the complaint and exhibits at the following links: ComplaintExhibit AExhibit BExhibit CExhibit D.
Hillary Planning Her Escape After a Trump Win With a $1.8 BILLION Money Transfer to QATAR
Written by Tony Elliott
It appears Bill and Hillary Clinton are making plans to flee the country in the event Donald Trump wins this election. Reports are circulating that the Clinton’s have transferred 1.8 Billion dollars from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank via a facilitation/abatement of JP Morgan Chase & Company for reasons not revealed.
This move of such a large sum of money to the country of Qatar says in itself Hillary Clinton knows she is going to lose the election, and she doesn’t plan to allow her or Bill to be prosecuted for various high crimes and treason under a Trump Administration.
The country of Qatar happens to be one of a handful of countries that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, thus would be a perfect place for her to run to in escaping justice.
Donald Trump has said many times during his campaign and at the Presidential debates that once he gets into office he intends to prosecute her on various high crimes from her latest crimes of sending classified material via a personal e-mail server to gun-running to terrorist groups in Syria resulting in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi.
Apparently, Hillary is not the only person in Washington who has made plans to escape justice under a Trump Administration, John Kerry has quietly been selling his property in the US for millions of dollars of late, with an announcement of the sale of his $25 million Nantucket mansion in June 2016 as well as the sale of his yacht for $3.9 million in July 2016.
President Barack H Obama has also apparently been making exit plans with his purchase of a $4.9 million seaside mansion in Dubai in January 2016, another non extradition country.
Snopes and other supposed fact checking sites have debunked both the story of Obama’s purchase of the mansion and the firing of Rear Admiral Rick Williams, however over the last several months these sites have been busted for lying in trying to debunk such information as the before mentioned, when in fact the information is true. Snopes and other sites try their best to keep incriminating information from being believed, but the truth has a way of coming out on its own, as it always has.
The Bush family has been quietly buying property as well with the purchase of 100,000 acres in Paraguay in 2006, yet another country good for the Bush family, since it does not allow extradition to any country if the death penalty is a possibility for the crime. If the corruption is found to go as far back as both of the Bush Administrations with any connections to them being the perpetrators of the events on 9-11, the death penalty would surely be a stipulation of any extradition request. Apparently, if things get going with prosecuting the corrupt and treasonous, the Bush’s plan on getting out of the country as well.
Interestingly, the Bush family’s Nazi connections dating back to WWII seem to have played a part in the Paraguay purchase since most Nazis fled to South America after WWII. Since George H. W. Bush’s father Senator Prescott Bush was director and shareholder in companies that were connected with institutions financially backing the Nazis, the Bush family has a long history of being associated with Nazis.
With the movement of huge amounts of funds, selling millions of dollars in real estate, and the purchase of millions in real estate overseas, we are seeing the plans of the corrupt in Washington who have been ripping of our country in the trillions, murdering US citizens in the thousands, and citizens in foreign countries by the millions since 9-11 finally realizing their crimes against humanity is about to be exposed.
We are also witnessing the change from what amounts to nothing more than a Nazi Dictatorship in Washington to an actual Presidential Administration who not only will look to the Constitution as the basis of all laws, but one who is going to prosecute the criminals in our government and return it to being a government by the people, for the people, and of the people of the USA. Not the Dictatorship over the people, to the people and who disregards the people as we now have in power.


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