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Daddy, "Why are Americans so stupid?"

Just to let the reader know that I'm not the only one who has recognized the ever increasing absurdity that identifies Americans as, "stupid" (as opposed to the leadership in the world that we once possessed); let me start out with an editorial from almost eight months ago that makes no qualms about the subject matter...the very first sentence begins, "The “stupidly” that is America..."
The only problem I see at the moment is that the stupid people don't know just how stupid they are...of course what could you expect if the stupid ones consist of the Illinois Legislature and the voters who put them in office! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Source for the following: US Herald
Muslims Get Their Way – Illinois Will Permit Wearing Burqas in Driving Licenses Photos
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The “stupidly” that is America continues unabated, and once again right in Obama’s own back yard…coincidence?  You be the judge.
It seems that the state of Illinois (Obama land), will soon be allowing Muslims to wear face-concealing burqas in driver’s license photos.
“Yes”, you read it correctly, “ID photos” designed for the sole purpose of  identifying an individual, in the state of  Illinois will now allow (a privileged few), within our society, to in effect wear a disguise, a mask…which of course negates the actual purpose of having a photo ID, in the first place.
It’s become obvious that since this administration has been in power, that America has declined rapidly both as a world leader, and within our own society, laws that are designed to protect Americans are no longer enforced, and this is simply another example of Obama’s continued attempt to “transform America” and his war on American values.
The convoluted logic by state officials and the progressive narrative goes something like this; “We had been getting complaints from around the states from Sikh Americans who were being asked to remove or modify their turbans to get their photo ID,” the executive director Jasjit Singh told reporters on Friday.
Perhaps I’m missing something, in that there’s a vast difference between wearing a turban or a head cover, and actually concealing one’s face. It seems that the politically correct crowd as reached a new level of absurdity.
The vast confederacy of fools...aka the American voter!

With Hillary Clinton wanting to bring 65,000 more of these ↓↑ people who want to kill you into the United States one wonders who in their right mind would want to vote for her...

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When American children are beaten up my Muslims do you think Hillary voters will come to their senses?  I doubt it...they were brain dead when they went to the ballot box and nothing short of a nuclear explosion will wake them up... You can't fix "stupid"'s a mental disorder!

They also beat up the school's principal...and they laugh about it
Another reason why Americans are so stupid...
They cannot visualize that "America" will replace the word "Geneva" in following headline:

Newly arrived Syrians arrested in Geneva with explosives and chemical weapons ~ Source
Have police foiled an ISIS chemical weapons plot in Europe? Two Syrian terror suspects are arrested in Geneva for ‘making and transporting explosives and toxic gases’
  • Two men were arrested in Geneva over a terror threat involving explosives
  • Both were accused of concealing, transporting ‘explosives and toxic gases’
  • Geneva prosecutor said traces of explosives found in car but no explosives
  • Olivier Jornot said more arrests expected to be made in the coming days
By Tom Wyke and Darren Boyle
Two people of Syrian origin have been arrested in Geneva on suspicion of transporting ‘explosives and toxic gases’ as part of a probe into a terror threat.
Traces of explosives were found in the suspects’ car, but toxic gas was not, Geneva prosecutor Olivier Jornot revealed today.
Mr. Jornot said the two men, who spoke Arabic, had just arrived in Geneva. More arrests are expected to be made in the coming days amid heightened security on Switzerland’s border with France.
He sidestepped questions on whether they men had visas which allowed them to travel freely through the passport Schengen zone.
More reason to believe why Americans are stupid!
They don't want to believe that this  is happening ...but it is !!!

Muslims of America terrorist training compounds

While the Middle East remains a hotbed for terrorists, we’ve got our own jihad training compounds set up in rural areas across the United States. They are run by an organization called Muslims of America (MOA). Law enforcement describes these compounds as “classically structured terrorist cells.”
If you visit the MOA website, you’ll get a hefty dose of taqiyya. The home page has an image of a large American flag along with a banner advertising one of their offshoot organizations called the United Muslim Christian Forum. The goal of this bogus group is to find common ground between Muslims and Christians, including mutual hatred of Jews. The web site also features a slick 16-minute propaganda video.
On the opposite end of the spectrum from what the MOA is publically peddling is the non-taqiyya version of who they are. Otherwise known as the truth.
Let’s start with the founder: El Sheikh Gilani. Prior to MOA, he founded Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani terror organization. MOA is the American version of ul-Fuqra.
Gilani is also the man Daniel Pearl had set out to interview on that fateful day when Pearl was kidnapped. (May Daniel’s soul rest in peace.)
Per the Northeast Intelligence Network, Gilani emigrated from Pakistan around 1980. He settled in Brooklyn, NY, where he began preaching at a mosque frequented by African-American Muslims. This is where he started to recruit for jihad in Afghanistan, often targeting black criminals who converted to Islam in prison -- a source of recruits for jihad that continues to this day.
Then Gilani took things a step further and set up a terror-training compound in a rural area of upstate New York. There are now numerous MOA compounds across the United States. Estimates vary regarding how many there are, ranging from 22 to 35. As of this writing, states where MOA has set up shop are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

In other words, they’re just about everywhere.

In some states there is more than one location. New York’s “Islamburg” (located in the town of Hancock) is the largest operation and serves as the headquarters. The MOA compound in Colorado was the site of a 1989 seizure by federal authorities of firearms, explosive devices, forged documents, military manuals, and data on potential targets. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for more information on MOA locations, including maps.)
There is no doubt that MOA is a terror organization operating on American soil. It is well documented by the FBI whose records state that MOA has the infrastructure to plan and carry out terror attacks (here, and overseas) and that MOA leaders urge their members to commit jihad against enemies of Islam.
In addition to the FBI, there are courageous individuals and private organizations on the bleeding edge of investigating and exposing this deadly organization, including the Christian Action Network (CAN), with founder and author of Twilight in America, Martin Mawyer, leading the way. (Interview with Mawyer, here.)
Two reports by CAN reveal MOA’s insular communities that thrive on brainwashing, deception, hate, and violence. These reports are summarized below.
·      MOA trains men, and women, to become jihadists poised to attack Americans when Gilani gives the order. Toward this end, MOA maintains a stockpile of illegal weapons. Residents are taught that jihad is their life’s purpose and have been indoctrinated to believe Gilani can travel through space and time to spy on them. After recruits are trained here, many are then sent to Pakistan for more paramilitary training.
·      Compounds are completely insular, with their own stores, mosques, and graveyards, as well as guard posts to intercept visitors. Living conditions are typically poor. Many locations are near lakes where jihadists-in-training shoot weapons across the lake (standing behind the 2nd amendment when confronted about it) in addition to learning other means of attack such as slitting throats and strangulation. All members follow Sharia law and consider themselves to be above local, state and federal authority.
·      Large families and government dependence are encouraged with much of the money sent to Gilani, who is now back in Pakistan. Welfare fraud is rampant as children are urged to commit crimes against non-Muslims and to engage in scams, including welfare fraud and drug-related crimes (with drug money sent to Gilani). Members often use aliases and spelling variations of their names.
·      There are as many as four generations of people living in these camps, all of whom have been taught from the outset to distrust Americans and to prepare for jihad. For some members, life in the camp is all they’ve ever known. In addition to those who were born at the compound, MOA openly recruits through social service organizations, with many new members coming from the prison system.
·      Discipline in the camps is ruthless and is used to exact punishment and intimidate members from leaving. If members break a rule, they may be tied to a tree and beaten. In addition, women are routinely raped and children are physically abused. Girls are denied an education, such as it is.
Per the Northeast Intelligence Network, MOA members have been suspected and/or convicted of a variety or crimes, including assassinations, fire bombings, and fraud. Money has been laundered through Muslim front organizations established by Gilani, including an Islamic university and private elementary schools.

So how does MOA get away this?

Two former FBI agents (Tim Clemente and John Guandolo) reported on factors that reflect a combination of deception, political correctness, and public policy that inhibits the FBI’s ability to do their job. First, the FBI wants to avoid the appearance that it is scrutinizing Muslim organizations and/or is infringing on religious freedom. Second, MOA sets up religious/charitable causes to mask their illicit activities, intertwining good with bad. This enables them to play the victim card during investigation attempts.
In other words, suicidal political correctness overrides our safety as United States law enforcement allows itself to be intimidated by faux charities that provide cover for terrorists.
But perhaps the most significant barrier to our ability to take action is the fact that our State Department refuses to designate ul-Fuqra a terrorist organization despite unequivocal evidence that they are. In addition, as Ryan Mauro, national security researcher for CAN stated back in 2009: “law enforcement authorities do not have the tools they need to search these compounds…members involved in terrorist and criminal activity are being treated as if they are isolated incidents; rogue followers of an otherwise innocent cult. Legislation on the state level also needs to be passed to permit the authorities to search these compounds.”
So we’ve got jihad training camps and sleeper cells scattered all across the United States ready to attack. And what are we doing about it? Precious little.

Who among us will be the next to fall victim to Gilani’s directive?

“Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”

(To learn more about MOA, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Videos here, here, and here.)

One of the biggest reasons Americans are stupid is because 99.9% of the Democratic party and most likely 99.8% of the Republican party do not understand what the speaker is saying in the following video:

Another reason Americans are stupid...they never listened to JFK!

JFK - The Speech That Killed Him and awaken the giant within us all the TRUTH.
Posted by The World of Knowledge on Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Why every American has not seen this ↓ video is mind not watch it means you don't give a damn about your country or it puts you in the 'stupid' category... Which is it? These people are training to kill you...wake up!

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